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Poly-MVA Testimonial for Lung Cancer

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happydance3kName: John Flint
7300 Bear Ridge Rd.
N. Tonawanda, NY 14120
Date: July 23, 2000
Diagnosis: Lung Cancer
eileent1@netzero.netUPDATES: April 12, 2001 – December 3, 2003 – July 6, 2004

On September 1997 I started having difficulties with reading comprehension, I could read a sentence but could not understand what it meant. Within a week I also developed strong headaches. My GP made an appointment to see a neurologist which he scheduled for 2 months in the future and suggested I continue to take aspirin.
That same weekend my headaches were so bad that I went to the emergency room of the local hospital.

After a very short examination the doctor concluded that I had a bad set of headaches but “one thing you do not have are brain tumors”. I felt reassured that I did not have anything serious and went home. As the headaches kept getting worse and I became more and more disoriented, I managed to obtain an appointment with a young neurologist. After a ten minute examination, she sent me for a cat-scan and within a few hours she gave us the bad news that I had two large brain tumors. She also suggested that the brain tumors were probably not primary and that they probably had metastasised from somewhere else.



That day our life changed forever. The quick action of that neurologist might be one reason that I am still alive.
Within a few days they identified the primary as a large lung tumor, non small cell carcinoma, that had spread to the brain. I was rated as stage 4. During the next few weeks I saw 3 different oncologists, they all gave me a prognosis of 3 months to a year at most. All of them suggested I get my affairs in order. They also stated that it would be a waste of time and money to try any alternative methods.



I started full brain radiation which was followed after several weeks of recovery by chemotherapy. This lasted almost six months until the oncologist refused to give me any more treatments as the chemo was having many negative side effects on my system. At that stage the doctors stated that they had nothing more to offer and that I should enjoy life as much as possible. We felt we were left on our own, like abandoned, with no one to help us.



During the long months of chemotherapy, my wife had started looking at possible alternative treatments since my doctors did not seem to think that I had much chance. She called survivors to see what they were doing, cancer organizations to see what they could offer, read books, looked at web pages for the latest that kept on recurring among her various contacts. As we spent more time researching these products we got a clearer understanding of why they worked. Some were being tested in various research laboratories and showed definite signs of reducing cancer. Others dealt with helping the immune system and maintaining the body at its peak condition.
The different cancer fighting products we found attack tumors in different ways. Some prevented the tumors from growing the necessary blood vessels required for growth, these are known as angiogenesis inhibitors. Others attacked the protein membrane that the tumors use to shield themselves from the immune system. Others have chemicals that are necessary for some cancers to grow but also contain chemicals that are poisonous to the tumor – Poly MVA.


Some prevent the small new tumors from attaching themselves and therefore cannot grow. I take them all. To date, most of the data show that no single chemical is 100% effective and that taking more than one product increases chances of survival. Some are probably more effective than others, none of them are harmful. The cost of many of these products is relatively small.
It has been 3 years since I was first diagnosed. To date I have no sign of any visible tumors in the brain or lung. I even have some hair back. We would be glad to send you a specific list of the products I am taking. Also we are always happy to talk to anyone looking for help. We were not able to get help from the medical profession so we took the initiative to do something ourselves. If we can share this with other people, we are happy to do so. Please feel free to telephone e-mail us at


John Flint
UPDATE: April 12-2001


Hi Tim,
We have written a short paragraph below with the latest on Johns health. As you see, he is still doing very well.



We receive at least 5 calls or emails a week asking about poly and the other products that John is taking. We are happy to give moral support and provide any information that we have.
Best wishes to you and your father
Judy and John
John is doing great. As of April 2001, recent CAT scans could not detect any sign of his earlier brain or lung tumors. He is still taking all of his supplements, including POLY MVA, although reduced to a maintenance level. He also has maintained a diet of at least 7-8 fruits, vegetables daily balanced with protein.




UPDATE: December 3, 2003Hi Tim,

We thought we would let you know that John is still doing great and we are into our 3rd year of cruising on our sailboat. This winter we are off to Belize. John is still following his protocol including polymva.



We wish you and your father the best for the holiday season. Please give him our regards.
Judy and John Flint


UPDATE: July 6, 2004Hi TimAnother 6 months has passed and John still enjoys good health. My mother has been receiving at least 2 -3 requests for John’s “protocol” each week. She is happy to forward it to anyone that requests it. John also emails messages to anyone that would like more information. John is still taking Poly MVA

as well as other supplements and continues to eat 7-9 fruits and vegetables per day.
Best Wishes,
John and Judy


Source:  PolyMVA


Lung Cancer Cured With Papaya Leaves

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Payapa Tree (called "paw paw" in Australia)

Papaya Tree (not paw paw)

[NOTE:  It’s important to note that in Australia, they call the Papaya Tree the “paw paw” tree.  But, this isn’t the same tree that we know in North America as the Paw Paw tree – which typically grows in the eastern part of the United States.]

AN American discovery that paw paw leaves may cure cancer is old news for a Gold Coast bookie who was extolling the plant’s virtues 14 years ago.

Stan Sheldon, then 70, told the bulletin in May 1978 how he beat cancer by following an old Aboriginal recipe and drinking the extract of boiled pawpaw leaves.

In 1962 he was given five months to live when leading specialists found he had rapidly spreading cancer in both lungs,

But after two months of drinking his pawpaw ‘tea” the specialists were astonished to find all signs of his malignancy had disappeared.

Cancer researchers in the United States were reported yesterday to have isolated a chemical compound in the pawpaw tree which was claimed to be a million times stronger than the most widely used anti cancer drug, Adriamycin.

The anti cancer substance, soon to be tested by the US National Cancer Institute, was found throughout the pawpaw tree, but primarily in twigs and small branches.


The Sheldon treatment involved cramming as many paw-paw leaves and stems as possible into a saucepan before adding water. After boiling, the mixture was allowed to simmer for two hours before being drained off. Mr Sheldon drank about 200 ml of the unpleasant tasting brew three times a day. In addition, he took three teaspoons of raw molasses a day another tip from the Aboriginal pharmacopea.

Back in 1978, Mr Sheldon was able to produce medical documentation and letters from his amazed specialists to back up his story. But he refused to label the pawpaw treatment as a “miracle cure for cancer.

All I am doing is reporting events that have happened,” he said. He decided to go public after a woman cancer victim earlier told the Bulletin how she had lost faith in doctors and was drinking a daily brew made from paw paw leaves in an attempt to beat her disease.

Mr Sheldon cautioned against foregoing accepted and proven methods of cancer treatment in favour of a herbal treatment such as paw paw leaves. But he said a number of friends had subsequently beaten cancer after trying the paw-paw tea.

Source:  Middle Path

Interview With Woman Who Cured Breast Cancer Naturally

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heidrichAre natural cancer cures out there? What about a natural breast cancer cure? All it takes is one breast cancer survivor to convince me that yes, there’s a natural cure for breast cancer. Ruth Heidrich was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1982 at age 47. Today at age 73, she competes in triathlons. She never had any chemotherapy or radiation for her metastatic breast cancer.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer for women, killing about 40,000 American women yearly, despite all the rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. Medical treatment for breast cancer is hit or miss. Ruth found the breast lump in a breast self-exam. A doctor ordered an excisional biopsy which confirmed breast cancer.

Was the breast cancer metastasized?
Yes, bone scans showed to bones (pelvis and both femurs) and x-ray to left lung.

What was your prognosis?
It was serious and impossible to tell if I had three months, three years, or more. The oncologist recommended chemo and radiation and tamoxifen.

Describe your eating habits prior to diagnosis.
The Standard American Diet (SAD), although I had pretty much cut out red meat and increased my chicken and fish intake, and also drank lots of powdered skim milk. What I’d done was substitute chicken and fish for red meat, thinking that this was a healthier diet. Actually, it is NOT any healthier at all! Animal is animal — regardless of the source.

Why did you reject conventional medical treatment?
Shortly after my diagnosis, I saw a notice in the newspaper of a clinical research study being conducted to test the validity of a low-fat vegan diet versus the standard chemo/radiation to reverse the cancer. After talking to the head researcher, John McDougall, MD, and he showed me the dismal results with conventional medical treatment, I decided to enroll.

What did this study consist of?
Agreeing to change my diet to low-fat vegan — no animal foods whatsoever and no added oils. (Ruth began this diet two weeks after the biopsy.)

Did you tell your diagnosing physician what you were doing?
Yes, and he just kind of shook his head in disgust.

After you began the diet, how much time passed before you went back to the diagnosing physician to see if the cancer was still there?
It was only a matter of weeks. The first bone scan with all the “hot spots” was about two weeks after the diagnosis. One month later, they had receded significantly, and by three months, they were gone completely. The chest X-rays still, to this day, show the encapsulated tumor in my left lung, not having grown for 25 years.

How did the diagnosing physician determine that the cancer in the breast was gone?
After my biopsy showed no clear margins (meaning they hadn’t gotten it all), I had more surgery (the first surgery was the excisional biopsy), a modified radical mastectomy. Remember, it’s not the cancer in the breast that kills — it’s the cancer cells that spread to vital organs, most commonly, bones, lungs, liver, and the brain. All subsequent tests continue to show no cancer.

What did the doctors say about the bone cancer disappearing?
The oncologist and other specialists said nothing.

In your layperson’s opinion, why didn’t the cancer doctors get really excited about this and spread the word?
Our MDs all go through standard training where they are taught that diet has nothing to do with cancer, and the drug companies are standing by ready to supply chemo. Any doctor who “dares” to do anything different violates the “community standard of practice.” So even if an MD thinks it might work, he/she takes a great risk in going against standard medical practice.

Another factor that is a bit harder to prove, but that Dr. McDougall will back up, is that MDs don’t make any money treating cancer this way. Our health industry would collapse if people all went vegan.

Do you have anything to gain financially by making any of this up?
I have nothing to gain financially — in fact, I’ve invested much of my time, energy, and gas to visit cancer patients — all to no avail.

Have you ever thought about presenting your medical records to the right medical authorities?
If even MDs such as John McDougall, Neal Barnard, Michael Klaper, etc., and one of the most respected nutritional scientists in the world, T. Colin Campbell, can’t convince them, I really don’t have a chance. I’ve tried even the American Cancer Society and the Susan G. Komen Foundation and got nowhere.

Special note: The term “vegan” is ambiguous, in that a vegan can still end up eating a lot of sugary sodas and other sugary foods that don’t contain animal products, like candy, plus foods full of additives, colorings and preservatives. The vegan anti-cancer diet consists of whole foods in their natural form, free of sugar (which is cancer’s only fuel source!) and additives.

Ruth is the winner of more than 900 trophies from six Ironman Triathlons, dozens of Half Ironmans and sprint triathlons, 67 marathons, hundreds of road races, and eight golds from the State and National Senior Olympics. For skeptics who might think Ruth has falsely claimed a natural cancer cure to market her three books…then consider this: With all of her astounding athletic achievements, why would she need to fabricate a natural cancer cure?

Even a top athlete can get cancer – cancer triggered by a very SAD DIET.

Visit Ruth E. Heidrich at
Author of “A Race For Life,” “CHEF” & “Senior Fitness”

Source:  Associated Content

35 Year Breast Cancer Survivor With No Chemo or Radiation: Ask, Believe, Receive

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My Mom is a 35 year breast cancer survivor. She did not have chemotherapy, her doctors did not believe it would help.

She had surgery as was common in the early 70’s, and given a terminal prognosis of 12 to 18 months. My Mom has lived the principals of The Secret and is a happy, healthy 86 years old. Her doctor’s were shocked at her remission.

The whole; ask, believe, receive, concept along with the gratitude attitude seems to those of us who use it to be quite valid indeed. As for the science – there does seems to be an awful lot of it out there to support this.

Source:  iVillage

Written by Tracey

October 28, 2008 at 4:30 am

Natural Cancer Cure: Man Who Cured Lung Cancer Interviewed

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Carl Helvie was given six months to live – 31 years ago, after being diagnosed with lung cancer. He refused surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, and turned instead to natural cancer cures. Two years later the lung cancer was gone; he had cured the cancer himself.

Conventional medical treatment for lung cancer consists of surgery to remove part or all of the cancerous lung; chemotherapy and radiation. Doctors don’t recommend a natural cancer cure. They may know of a natural cancer cure, but why would doctors recommend natural cancer cures when they can’t make a profit off of natural cancer treatments?

The following is an interview with Carl Helvie:

Describe your own medical background.

I’m a registered nurse with two masters and a doctorate in public health and wellness, a new book titled “Healthy Holistic Aging,” and 55 years’ experience as a nurse practitioner, educator, author, and researcher. I started using a holistic approach with clients and in my own life 31 years ago when I was diagnosed with lung cancer and told by my primary physician I would be dead in six months. I have continued to use this approach, and now at age 75, I am free of chronic illnesses and prescribed medications.

What treatment did your physician recommend?

Surgery and chemotherapy. However, a friend referred me to a physician in Northern Virginia who had treated with laetrile at the National Institute of Health, and had so much success he continued with this privately when that program ended. He recommended laetrile and a special diet and supplements.

Why did you reject conventional medical treatment for your lung cancer?

I shunned traditional chemo and surgery and went 100 percent holistic. I believe cutting often spreads the cancer, and I have seen people so debilitated from chemotherapy that I did not want to subject myself to that.

Did you tell your doctor what you were up to?

My primary doctor saw me every three months when I had X-rays taken, but I did not tell him I was doing anything because I knew he would not understand.

Were these visits just to track the tumor?

It was to follow the progress of the tumor. He did tell me that I should have treatment at these follow-up visits, but I told him I wanted to see how it progressed without treatment.

Over time, did the X-rays show a shrinking tumor? Over how long a period were you going in for these X-rays?

I do not know if the tumor shrank, but know that after going every 3 months for X-rays for two years, the doctor said he had made the wrong diagnosis. I do not know if it shrank or did not grow further.

At the end of the two years he said he guessed he made the wrong diagnosis (even though there were biopsies and other tests). I then took the biopsy report, X-rays and other tests to a friend who was a physician in charge of a statewide division of Blue Cross-Blue Shield. He confirmed that it was definitely cancer.

Why is the medical industry so opposed to natural cancer treatments?

Many in the medical establishment are hesitant to recommend this approach because their medical training is oriented to drugs and surgery, and they may be unfamiliar with the success of alternative treatment. The drug companies continue to make a lot of money from treating diseases including cancer with drugs and continue to try to influence medical practice in the direction of drugs, beginning in medical school. They provide lots of free samples to physicians, and also finance much research.

In the 1930’s and 40’s, a man named Hoxsey successfully treated more patients with cancer (using herbs) than other practitioners using traditional treatment in the USA. After being harassed by the FDA and the medical profession, he was taken to court, and a 10-man medical team reviewed his records and interviewed his patients, and concluded he had many more patients who survived and a higher standard of care than others in the profession. He was exonerated by the Court, but continued to be harassed by the FDA and medical profession, and finally moved from the USA to Mexico.

It was a similar story for Renee Caisse, who was a public health nurse in Canada who used herbs with her cancer patients. She was very successful but was also harassed. So I believe the main opposition is from the Drug Companies and from the FDA who support them. There is a fair amount of literature that speaks to this. It was a similar situation recently with the elderly who were obtaining cheaper medications from Canada, and there were many attempts to pass legislation to stop this. (MONEY, MONEY, MONEY).

What was your cancer cure diet during that critical period while you had the cancer?

The diet was very restrictive. It consisted of mainly fresh uncooked fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts (no peanuts allowed). Avoidance of animal protein, including dairy products, that produce a heavy drain on pancreatic enzymes required for effective use of vitamins. Uncooked comprised 75 percent of the diet because critical enzymes are destroyed at high temperatures. In addition, no sugar, preserves, strong spices, stimulants as coffee, alcohol and cigarettes; no soy products.

At what point, after the diagnosis, did you become less strict with your diet?

After the two-year period when my primary physician said he had made the wrong diagnosis, I eased up on my diet. However, I continued to follow much of it and now eat as much organic food as I can find and eat primarily grains, nuts, fruit and vegetables, with a small amount of chicken or fish or seafood (limited to two times a week because of mercury poisoning) in the evening.

Organic milk on cereal with fruit and nuts for most breakfast meals and occasionally organic eggs. I believe the pesticides, growth hormones, antibiotics and other additives in food plus genetically engineered foods overwhelm the body and move it toward disease. So I try to limit as much as possible. I eat a small carb dessert about once a week and never drink diet sodas or use sugar.

Why no beef or sugar?

Cows are injected with growth hormones, antibiotics and other unnatural things. Sugar has also been implicated in a variety of illnesses.

Finally, describe your pre-cancer way of eating.

It was the typical diet of fast foods, lots of meat, some fruit and vegetables, Cokes and sodas, and lots of sweets.

Visit Carl’s web site at:

Source:  Associated Content

Stage IV Melanoma Healed Through Macrobiotics, Meditation, and Some Hard Personal Choices

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Thomas Marron ate the right foods and did all the “right things” to fight his cancer. Yet he was still dying.To recover, he had to take some drastic measures – leave an unsupportive family environment and spend time by himself, on himself.

I had completed all the cooking classes, attended all the lectures, eaten all the seaweeds, burnt all the pans, discharged 40 pounds of my body weight, and installed a gas stove.

I had “eliminated and reduced”, cooked, cleaned, and chewed by the rules. I had completely eliminated eggs, chicken, meat, and fish, as well as coffee, sugar, desserts, ice cream, fruit and alcohol, which contributed to my condition.

I was still dying of cancer.

In May 1983, I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma, Stage IV. In October, I began macrobiotic practice after reading Dr Anthony Sattilaro’s Recalled by Life.

In November, I took a seminar on cancer and diet at the Kushi Institute. I also had a tumour removed from my left underarm.

After 10 months of faithfully following the macrobiotic approach, I felt worse than ever. My body was weak and wilted. My spirit battered and beaten. I didn’t want to fight any more.

At best, this would be a Phyrric victory, and the chances for that were slim to none.

Our dog cowered, the cats ran for cover, my four children stopped talking, and my wife avoided eye contact with me whenever I entered a room. I had become a macrobiotic Darth Vader. Our kitchen had turned into a battleship where I fought a cold war in deadly silence.

My day of reckoning was getting closer. The counsellor at the cancer seminar had predicted “an easy cure, in 10 to 12 months at the most.” In this 10th month, not even a slight sign of one was in sight. I was doing all the right stuff, but getting all the wrong results.

Affirmations and visualizations, walks and prayers, brown rice and beans. It just wasn’t working for me. What else could I do? Nothing. Yet, I had to do something.

There had to be something more. Some extra ingredient missing from the recipe that would save my life. I could make a total commitment each day to win, to fight, to work and pray. I could. I would.

Last Stand

This would be my last stand. In this final hour, the battle would be won, or lost.

To accomplish this, I moved into a one bedroom apartment with a gas stove.

I was five minutes from the office, a natural foods store, the church, supermarket and park. A bed, round table, chair, and lamp completed the spartan decor. Deliberately absent were the television, telephone, radio, tape deck, window and wall treatments.

“Early Caveman,” my friend christened it. “Moving in? Or moving out?” one guest asked.

It was perfect for me and my mission, except for the cockroaches.

It was September 23, 1984, three days after my 39th birthday.

To separate from my family was a major decision with major consequences. It would hurt. Tears, wounds and scars. Mega pain with no guarantee of any gain. How could I pay such a price? Assume such a risk?

The more I considered the move, the more it offered me one choice: “move out and live” or “stay home and die”. I had to do it.

With no evidence that this approach could work, I still believed it would. The darkest hour comes before dawn. And with each dawn, a new beginning.

Lack of spousal support for macrobiotics was the least of it. Our marriage relationship was over. Our relationship as parents was in a tailspin. Counselling had broken down six months earlier.

A House Divided

“The house divided against itself will not stand,” said the Carpenter from Galilee.

“If you wish to begin macrobiotic practice and your husband or wife is against the idea, you might investigate the possibility of a temporary separation, at least until you recover,” said the Teacher from Tokyo.

“Most men live lives of quiet desperation, ” wrote the dissident from Walden Pond.

“No, not I!” thrice cried the Man on Death Row.

Back in the closet, his heart of hearts admitted the hard truth, that no matter what the outcome of the separation, it would be better than the alternative.

My first day in solus began at 5:00 am. Prayers and exercises, a sunrise walk, breakfast, mass, and I was at the of fice by 8:15 am. This became my morning schedule.

I enjoyed working late that night, not having kept anyone hungry or waiting. Cooking was a relaxation. Silence a balm to my soul. A star walk made the first day complete. I felt good. I slept well.

I began to focus on improving my practice of all the “right stuff”.

I started walking with the rising sun and evening stars, to and from work, in the park, on the beach, and in the woods. Barefoot, I walked on grass and sand.

I started working earlier in the morning, stayed later at night, and enjoyed it more in between. I did primal screamings in the park, read books at my round table, left dishes, pots, pans and chopsticks overflowing in the sink.

As part of the separation arrangement, Sunday was reserved as family day and twice during the week, my wife and I would meet for lunch. The lunches were brief monologues with extended silence. Family time felt like detention in high school.

It wasn’t working. These encounters left me feeling like a run down car battery, drained. Three years later, the marriage would be dissolved.


After months of recommendations to read Getting Well Again, I did. The timing was right. Stephanie and Carl Simonton helped me see my mind, body, and heart as an unbeatable system designed to succeed and destined to win. Hope was their message. Do it now their challenge.

I started using their daily relaxation and visualization exercises immediately. They were quick and easy to learn. Getting Well Again made a major impact on my daily practice.

Spend this Saturday doing something you really want to do. I don’t mean next month.
This Saturday. Enjoy being alive and being able to do it. You deserve it.
There will never be another you. Why not spend at least one day a week on You!

– Dennis Waitley, Seeds of Greatness.

To me, such indulgence would be hedonistic, selfish and sinful. I had to be “the giving tree” to be me. Even if it was permissible, there was no time. Never enough time to do what must be done, should be done, and would be nice to get done.

I realy wanted to walk in the woods and on beaches. I wanted to hike from sunrise to sunset. I really wanted one day with no cooking or cleaning.

I started to spend Saturdays on me. I began to enjoy being alive and being able to do what I really wanted.

I committed myself to live my life on purpose. By choice, not chance. Being responsible for its eventual outcome. Identifying what was most important to me. Setting and getting daily priorities.

Power Within

Advancing toward and achieving these goals unleashed a power within. After two months of solus, no lightning bolt, no Voice, no angel to herald my moment of victory.

Subtle changes in how I felt made me wonder if something significant was happening.

I noticed more smiles and laughter, deeper calm and confidence, spurts of playfulness, and overall, a peaceful heart. I was happy.

Cancer-free? Could it be?

Eventually, I knew it. I could feel it.

By Thanksgiving, the cancer had left my body. My doctor at the Dana Faber Cancer Institute in Boston verified it in January 1985.

In 1993, ten years after the initial diagnosis, my daughters and I confronted the ultimate challenge for the second time.

Kerrie, Hollie and Heather were now 22, 20 and 18 respectively. The water sparkled like a field of diamonds. This last week in August was the 10th anniversary of “The Lake Swim” – one mile across the lake.

My daughters led the way and cheered their breathless Dad into fourth place. In 1983, it was something we had never done before, something we did not know we could do. We did it, together.

Is it the brown rice? a friend asked. Is it the solo? The visualizations? The beaches? The prayers? The people?

Of course it is. It is these and all those other actions, taken and not taken, reduced or eliminated.

They returned peace, joy and hope to my heart. Brought balance and harmony into my life.


Written by Tracey

October 14, 2008 at 5:11 am

Cervical Cancer Healed Through Natural Means

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Cancer Type:  Cervical

Doctor’s Diagnosis:  1 year to live at best with chemotherapy and radiation

Treatment:  Alternative – juicing, supplements, Rife machine, and meditation

Quality of Life:  Excellent

General Comments:  I am filling this in for my ex-girl friend as I know her story first hand.  In a nut shell her doctor at UCLA told her that every patient that had what she had that sat before him in the past was now six feet under and she had a year to live at best.

Denying the Western Medicine route, she had the cancer completely out of her system in six months.

Source:  Shared Experience

Written by Tracey

October 14, 2008 at 4:21 am