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M.D. Persecuted for Treating Cancer Patients with Natural Treatments

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veggiesMr. Russell sat sprawled across Dr. Mitchell’s desk bleeding from the nose and mouth. His surgeon had given him two months to live. He half sat, half laid there; crying.

“I felt like crying too,” Dr. Mitchell told me, as he related the incident. “The radiation and chemotherapy had caused him to bleed from the nose, mouth, and rectum. He was in a lot of pain.”

The cancer had blocked his colon, and metastasis permeated to the liver and kidneys. Surgery had unblocked the colon so that he could function for a while, but really, medical science gave him little hope.

“I can’t treat you any more,” the surgeon had told him. He let him know that he need not come back to see him. He could just go home and die in peace. No wonder he was crying.

“My father has colon cancer,” his son said. Then came the question from the trembling lips of a man who was being murdered from the inside – “Can you help me?”

From his busy schedule as a minister, his son, Pastor Russell had brought his dad to a doctor whom he had only heard of by word of mouth. What butterflies were in his stomach as he drove through the busy traffic to the office in Orlando’s east side! What groans and prayers were going through his own boson as he talked with the doctor; as he looked down at the dear one in the chair – dying!

“Will you do exactly what I tell you,” Dr. Mitchell asked?

I’ll do anything,” came the sob.

“Will you promise me that you won’t tell your Doctor?”


There were good reasons for this last question. Number one, its not ethical for one doctor to take over treatment from another unless the patient is referred. There was no referral. The surgeon had told him that he need not return; but, just the same – no referral. As far as the head echelon of medicine at the hospital was concerned, he was given up to die. Also, Mr. Russell was in his upper seventies. A younger man may have been treated longer.

But the main reason Dr. Mitchell asked the question is that what he was about to do for this poor man was unethical as far the A.M.A. and the State Medical Board was concerned. He could lose his license! Though modern medicine had given up on Mr. Russell, if a medical doctor used “unusual” procedures to try to save him, he would be “out”. Whimsical treatments; diet or natural remedies, used by a professional instead of the “accepted” drugs, would be a bad example for the other M.D.’s. as well as a mockery to the profession. Thus the question, “Will you promise not to tell your doctor?”

The doctor gave him the treatment program, told him to go home, and return in one week. He would return once a week for three months.

Mr. Russell went home and returned the next week. He came into Dr. Mitchell’s office, grabbed and hugged him. “I feel different!” he said excitedly.

“His pain was gone,” Dr. Mitchell said. “There was no depression. He was smiling all over.” Every week he came back during the course of the treatment, feeling like a young man; full of pep and energy.

At the end of three months Mr. Russell went to see his surgeon. “Here I am,” he said, walking into his office.

“You’re still alive?” the surgeon blurted out!

He was so overcome by the youthful appearance of this man who had so recently left his office, dying, he decided to admit him into the hospital and find out what had happened. He gave him the usual tests – colonoscope, scanning X-rays, etc. No cancer!

“I can’t believe this,” the surgeon declared. “I’m going to cut you open.”

“Go right ahead,” Mr. Russell said. Concerning proof – the more the better!

“He was admitted that day. The next morning he was cut open. The colon, liver and kidneys were checked as well as the surrounding areas. No cancer! The unconscious Mr. Russell was sewed back up and wheeled into the recovery room. After he was in his own room and alert, the surgeon came in to give the good news and talk with him before discharge.

All the surgeon could muster was, “It’s just coincidence.”

“Just Coincidence!”

What had Dr. Mitchell given him? What had he told him to do each day? And what had he given twenty-four other people who were still alive but had also been dying from cancer?

The following account given to me from Dr. Mitchell, in his home is the same program he gave to Mr. Russell and in general, the other twenty-four individuals.

THE FIRST WEEK. Dr. Mitchell told Mr. Russell to eat nothing but juice and distilled water. The kind of juice and when it was taken was VERY IMPORTANT! Only freshly juiced fruits and vegetables were to be used; nothing canned or frozen. Only fresh carrots, celery, spinach, lemons, apples, grapes and a good variety of other fruits and vegetables could be used. And only DISTILLED water was to be used!

Every-half-hour during each of the following seven days while he was awake he was to drink. He was not to eat anything! Upon waking he was to take four ounces of carrot juice; a half-hour later, four ounces of water, etc. All day – for seven days, this was to be continued. He was given freedom to choose the kind of juices he drank, except that he was to have at least 30 ounces of carrot juice each day. If water was added to any of the juices, it was to be distilled water. A little salt could be put in the celery juice since he wasn’t diabetic. A little honey could be put in the lemon water but absolutely no sugar was to be used in anything.

Water on the outside of his body was to be used in showers two or three times per day. And during this first week Dr. Mitchell prescribed a coffee enema to help clean out the colon.

Mr. Russell was to get a little exercise – walking – as he was able. He was to go out in the sunshine, breathing deeply now and then. His body was a masterpiece of God’s creation; made of muscle, bone, blood and breath. It was built for performance. He was not to sit and let it rust out from lack of exercise, fresh air and sunshine. His health depended on all these things and especially while fighting cancer.

His mental outlook was very important. Dr. Mitchell told him to play hymns all day long in the background; not jazzy hymns with a beat or any of that easy listening and rock with religious words; but uplifting, holy hymns. He was not to allow any negative thoughts of past, present or future to stay in his mind. He was to think happy, thankful thoughts. He was to educate his mind and lips to speak God’s praise – continually!

Doing this was important for several reasons. No. 1: the above frame of mind brings restfulness. Rest of body, mind and sprit were essential. It is another vital factor in goodhealth. No. 2: This training his mind to constantly praise God developed in him faith or trust.

Dr. Mitchell told me that he could not take one ounce of credit for healing Mr. Russell or any of the other twenty-four people. He knew that it was God and the natural elements in nature employed by God which brought the healing. The doctor told me, “Always smile and pray. Prayer – constant communion with God in praise and thanksgiving drew Mr. Russell close to God. This made Mr. Russell willing to do the complete will of the Creator so that His will could be done in behalf of this sick human being.” Yes, full surrender; total trust in the will of Divinity was a major element for healing.

In summary: Proper nutrition through fresh fruits and vegetable juices. Pure water to drink and clean water to bathe the outside. Exercise – walking; not too far at first, but increasing the distance every day. Where should he do this? Outside in the sunshine and fresh air. The proper amount of sunlight would control more of the body functions than any other element except food. It would dilate the blood vessels, increase circulation and rid the body of toxins. And a dose of fresh air would bring vitality and oxygen which would help destroy disease in the blood. Rest – Mr. Russell was to receive adequate time for sleep. He was to go to bed early and during the day take short periods of rest. He was told to abstain from negative thoughts of from listening and watching anything that would bring such to mind; he should abstain from sugar, refined flour and processed foods; from tobacco, caffeine and other stimulants or any foods and drinks that contain them; flesh foods of any kind – all of it contained saturated fats and cancer germs or elements which break down body tissues and allow cancer to grow in the body; and he was to abstain from all habits which destroy health including eating and sleeping at irregular times. Alcohol and all drugs were also to be eliminated. And last but not least -Trust in Divine Power. This would allow Nature’s Eight Doctors to bring complete restoration and healing.

From the very first week, Dr. Mitchell started giving Mr. Russell vitamins and minerals. Each day he was to take the following and continue throughout the treatment:

400 international units of vitamin D

25,O00 international units of vitamin A (this would be too much for a normal, healthy person)

1400 mg. of calcium

1000 mg. of magnesium

Beginning THE SECOND WEEK he was to start eating solid food – soft at first; such as, apples, bananas, grapefruit, whole wheat bread and whole grain cooked cereals. But there was to be a large variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Dr. Mitchell prescribed only two meals a day and no more! There was to be nothing eaten between meals except distilled water to drink. And his diet was totally vegetarian – no meat, fish, fowl or eggs, dairy products, lard or grease of any kind, no tobacco, alcohol, cola drinks, coffee, tea, or refined flour, sugar or highly processed foods.

This diet as well as the other activities was to continue throughout his lifetime. But once the cancer was gone the high dosage of vitamins and minerals could be stopped.

Dr. Mitchell told me that in essence, what he gave to Mr. Russell and the other cancer

patients was a scientific application of the Eight Natural Remedies as given to the Seventh-day Adventist people by God through His modern-day prophet, Ellen G. White, in the 1860’s. If followed religiously they would not only rid the body of disease but also prevent disease. He told me that at the end of the treatment all of his patients were vegetarians. Another thing he told them was: “If you want to get cancer again, go back to your old ways of living and eating.”

And would you believe! Poor Mr. Russell did go back to his old ways, according to Dr. Mitchell. And he did get cancer again!

It seemed so unbelievable to me that I called Mr. Russell on the telephone and talked to him myself.

He said, “Sure enough! I got it again – about six months ago. But this time it was lung ancer. The doctor wanted to give me the same treatment as before – chemotherapy and radiation. But I would have none of it!”

“No thanks!” I told them. Then he said to me, “I went back to the diet Dr. Mitchell gave me and started doing all those other things.”

“You weren’t cured of cancer the second time were you?” I questioned him, almost holding my breath.

“I sure was!” He declared triumphantly. Then he went on praising and giving glory to God.

Unbelievable! But it was true! I don’t think that anyone has ever experienced it twice and lived. Mr. Russell is now eighty-four and going strong.

Yes, all this seems like a fairy-tale, doesn’t it? Now, why did Dr. Mitchell treat only a total of 25 cancer patients? Isn’t he still helping them? Well, it seems that the State Medical Board forbid Dr. Mitchell to treat anymore patients with cancer. Why?

“I was in my office one day,” Dr. Mitchell related, “when in walked a Medical Board Investigator and commanded that I NOT treat anymore cancer patients. He told me my case was under examination and that my license may be taken away.”

“What happened then?” I asked.

(Before I go on, let me remind you that Dr. Mitchell doesn’t take credit for curing any patient with cancer. He continually gives the credit to God because only the Creator can heal. If anyone has truly been healed, it was God, not any man.)

“Just before I was forbidden to stop taking cancer patients as many as eleven cancer patients would come to my office in one day. When one was cured they would start talking and tell everyone around them. I never advertised anything. They started coming from all over the country!”

“One day a man came to me who was eaten up with lung cancer. He knew that he was dying. I gave him the treatment procedure and told him that he MUST QUIT SMOKlNG. But he didn’t quit. He died. The man’s son went to a lawyer and asked him to sue me for killing his father. The lawyer wouldn’t take the case. So he went to a second but that one wouldn’t accept the case either. He went to a third and this one wouldn’t sue but he told him that if he wanted to hurt me he knew how that could be done.”

This man took down the details and proceeded to seek vengeance for his father’s death. How?

He had been told to get a couple of doctors together and make a complaint to the State Medical Board. The Board controls. They give licenses and take away licenses.

That’s why the Medical Board Investigator was in Dr. Mitchell’s office forbidding him to treat anymore cancer patients. His case was then examined that very month.

While I was talking to Dr. Mitchell he said, “Please pray for me. I’m on probation right now and they still might take my license away.”

This experience has driven Dr. Mitchell closer to God than ever before. In fact, it has brought a lot of changes in his life. His testimony made me think of a gem I had read, “If we trust in Christ, we abide in Christ. The blow that is aimed at us falls upon the Saviour, Who surrounds us with His presence. Nothing can touch us without our Lord’s permission.”

Even before Dr. Mitchell’s case was examined and he was placed on probation he had told me, “I’ve decided to put my practice and my home up for sale, move to some property in the mountains and set up a health conditioning center. I’ll build cottages for the people to stay in. I will allow cancer patients, those with arthritis, heart disease and diabetes to come. I will charge them nothing. I’ll work on a donation basis only. I will keep no records. Then if the A.M.A. comes and asks about the patients I have been treating, I’ll say, ‘I don’t have any patients. I have only guests.’ When they ask to see my records, I’ll say, ‘I don’t have any records.’ If I lose my license, that is what I am going to do and if I don’t lose my license, I’m still going to do it!”

“Praise God!” I said.

Later Dr. Mitchell told me, “They had me on probation four and a half years. I proved to them that the man’s son and the other two doctors were lying. I didn’t lose my license. My probation is over now, but I still cannot treat any cancer patients with this program or my case would be up for review again. Other doctors call the “Nature’s Eight Doctors” ‘NONSENSE!'”

“Does this treatment program work for any type of cancer?” I asked.

“Yes,” he replied. “It also works for heart disease, high blood pressure and numerous other ailments. God does the healing. But if a person deviates in the slightest degree it does not work. A person must follow all eight laws religiously. For instance, REST. The Bible tells us that we are to enter into “His Rest.” (Hebrews 4:1-4. See also Genesis 2:1-3 and Exodus 20:8-12). Rest is more than sleeping regular hours at night and taking short naps during the day. It is more than playing restful hymns during the day and refraining from any type of worry. In the beginning God established a day of rest and He specified which day that should be. Through the centuries man has tried to change God’s laws and set up another day of rest. No where in all Scripture does it say that God’s day of rest was changed from the 7th day of the week, Saturday, to the first day of the week, Sunday. In fact, it is quite the opposite. God tells us that HE DOES NOT CHANGE!

(Hebrews 13:6; James 1:17 and Malachi 3:6). So I tell my patients to make the 7th day, Sabbath, a special day of rest when they worship God alone and spend the day in prayer, meditation and a deeper study of His Word.”

“Have any other cancer patients come to you since you were put on probation?” I asked.

“Not openly. I cannot treat them now. But there was a lady from the Washington D.C. area who somehow was connected with the Cancer Association. She got cancer and was ashamed to tell the organization that she had it. She came down here and asked if I could treat her. She begged me not to tell anyone. Then I knew it would be safe for me to treat her because she was not about to tell anyone that she even had cancer. She found healing.”

At the present Dr. Mitchell’s hands are tied. But he has found some property and is slowly moving toward his goal. May God help him to accomplish his dream so that many might find healing and be restored to health.

In the meantime the only way he can help is by your sharing this story with others. There is no copyright on this so you may copy it and spread it like the leaves of autumn. And pray for the hastening of Dr. Mitchell’s goal.

Source:  Four Winds 10

Let Medicine Be Your Food, and Food Be Your Medicine

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Dr. Tom Wu has earned the “Remarkable Contribution” award from the American Cancer Society and the ‘World Famous Doctor’ award from the United Nations for his breakthroughs with Type 1 & 2 Diabetes and Cancer. His sheer numbers of success with clients are compelling evidence for the notion that common foods, viewed as medicine by Dr. Wu, can heal the worst health challenges.

Over 30 years ago Dr. Tom Wu survived Lung Cancer after the Doctors gave him a prognosis of a few months life remaining. He radically changed his diet and was totally healed. Today at 67 years old he travels to over 23 countries teaching in 5 languages how to use specific “Phytochemical-Rich Foods” for reversing the most serious diseases and also maintaining a state of wellness.

With all our intellectual resources going into “finding a cure” you would think someone would take notice of people who completely reverse breast cancer, pancreatic, lung, and the cancers deemed most difficult to deal with. Would it come as a shock that a Mexican woman in Texas reversed Pancreatic cancer by mixing common fruits, vegetables, and garden herbs in a 3 horsepower blender? The notion that our body contains an army of Macrophages and Natural Killer Cells brings to light how this this possible. Dr. Wu teaches that “turning on” the immune system is the key. Using ONLY dietary principles he has guided great numbers of people, from all over the world in this fashion and the word has finally gotten out. Phytochemical-rich foods hold the key to solving our disease crisis.

With all our advances in modern technology, nothing can duplicate the healing power of photochemical-rich foods. The idea being proposed here is not to have you run out to your nearest health food store and purchase “extracts” of phytochemicals in pill form. One apple has 385 different photochemicals! God has created the optimal spectrum and therefore the solutions to disease are found at the farmers market, not the pill factories.

In a world of fast paced lunches and on the go snacks there is little easier than switching to a high-phytochemical diet of smoothies, salads, and steamed vegetables, beans, and seafood. We are ALL capable of becoming truly healthy when we return our food to its pure state that it once was long ago.

Source:  Oracle 20/20 Magazine

Dr. Lorraine Day Reversed Breast Cancer Using Natural Therapies

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Dr. Lorraine Day reversed her severe, advanced cancer by rebuilding her immune system by natural therapies, so her body could heal itself.


Dr. Day is an internationally acclaimed orthopedic trauma surgeon and best selling author who was for 15 years on the faculty of the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine as Associate Professor and Vice Chairman of the Department of Orthopedics. She was also Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital and is recognized world-wide as an AIDS expert.
She has been invited to lecture extensively throughout the U.S. and the world and has appeared on numerous radio and television shows including 60 minutes, Nightline, CNN Crossfire, Oprah Winfrey, Larry King Live, The 700 Club, John Ankerberg Show, USA Radio Network, Art Bell Radio Show, Three Angels Broadcasting Network and Trinity Broadcasting Network.
“You have cancer. You’re going to die!” The doctors told me. “but they were wrong!” says Lorraine Day, M.D. “I refused mutilating surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, the treatment methods ALL physicians are taught, and got well by using God’s natural remedies instead. “I’ll tell you exactly how I did it!”


Dr. Day was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer, but rejected standard therapies because of their destructive side effects and because those therapies often lead to death.  She chose instead to rebuild her immune system using the natural, simple, inexpensive therapies designed by God and outlined in the Bible, so her body could heal itself.


For more information about Dr. Day and to order any of her books, DVDs, or CDs,  CLICK HERE >>>



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Sunshine Heals Cancer, and the FDA is Powerless to Stop it, Regulate it or Ban it

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By Mike Adams

Do you realize that one of the most powerful cures for cancer is streaming over our heads each and every day, free of charge? It’s sunlight, which is astounding in its ability to prevent and cure cancer. If it were a mainstream drug, it would probably make the cover of Time magazine and be heralded as the greatest medical breakthrough in the history of modern science. It’s that good.

Sunlight exposure reduces the risk of many cancers by more than 50 percent and even helps reverse certain types of cancers through the creation of vitamin D in the body. It’s a magnificent natural healing modality, and it’s been right in front of our eyes, every single day, since before Homo sapiens even evolved on this planet. Yet somehow, after spending billions of dollars on so-called medical research to find “cures” for various cancers, almost no one from the world of mainstream medicine has yet acknowledged the healing power of natural sunlight and vitamin D.

None of them have actually prescribed sunlight to patients, except for perhaps a handful of pioneering researchers like Dr. Michael Holick, who was attacked for speaking out about the truth of sunlight and cancer. By and large, the medical community has not only ignored this truly miraculous cure for many types of cancer; it has worked hard to discredit it.

If there were ever a reason to lose faith in conventional medicine, or so-called modern medicine, it is simply the fact that one of the greatest cures and prevention strategies for cancer goes completely ignored by nearly the entire conventional medical community. It’s as if there were a miracle medicine invented, but conventional medical doctors didn’t want anyone to find out about it. Why aren’t researchers promoting cures that are available for free?

Protecting the medical dogma

The medical community doesn’t want to promote cures it did not invent. When nature offers a cure, that’s not very satisfying to the egos of drug company researchers and scientists. A drug company only wants to promote cures that it can patent and exploit for financial gain. The way it perpetuates the cycle is to make sure that the cancer treatments it controls get a lot more press and hype than any natural treatments. You don’t see sunlight promoted in full-page advertisements for its ability to prevent or reverse cancer. Instead, the medical community uses the full-page advertisement for high-profit prescription drugs that have negative side effects and actually kill people.

When people ask me about the reason for my skepticism toward conventional medicine, part of my answer is that conventional medicine is primarily interested in generating profits. It is a for-profit industry. It is obviously not interested in finding the best treatments and cures available, because if it was, sunlight would be at the top of the list for natural treatments and prevention strategies for breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, and even diseases like osteoporosis and depression.

Do you realize how many hundreds of millions of people around the world could have their lives saved or improved through simple vitamin D supplementation or sensible exposure to natural sunlight? We could dramatically improve the quality and duration of life in a huge percentage of the global population. Yet, the only reason that isn’t happening is because the defenders of conventional medicine continue to discredit sunlight. They actually scare people away from the healing power of sunlight and discredit any person who speaks out about the ability of vitamin D to halt prostate cancer or breast cancer.

Sunlight is discredited by people who don’t know any better

People who are willing to tell the truth about sunlight and vitamin D are routinely attacked and discredited by critics who happen to have a lot of letters after their names, but who actually know almost nothing about the basics of human health. In their minds, sunlight is just some evil, destructive, cancer-causing radiation demon in the sky. They don’t bother to question if that myth is actually true or false. They just accept it as fact because that’s what was taught to them.

The beautiful thing about sunlight and vitamin D is that, once you have the knowledge of the healing powers of this natural modality, they can’t take it away from you. No one can prevent you from exposing yourself to a sensible amount of sunlight. No one could stop your skin from creating vitamin D. No one can charge you a royalty on sunlight, and even the most adamant white-fisted FDA bureaucrats and drug company execs won’t be able to censor the truth about this remedy.

The FDA, you see, has no jurisdiction over sunlight, unless you sell it along with health claims, in which case the FDA would say that your “claims” about sunlight turn it into a drug. Following that, the FDA might actually try to outlaw sunlight, claiming its health benefits are “unproven” and that it must undergo $800 million clinical drug trials before anyone can use sunlight again.

Fortunately, the FDA can’t stop you from experiencing the benefits of sunlight yourself. All you have to do to take advantage of this gift from nature is go out and get some sensible sunlight on your skin, and you will immediately start generating medicine in your own body (vitamin D) that will help reverse and prevent many types of cancer. And the FDA can’t do a thing about it. Sunlight is the ultimate health freedom medicine.

It is also the same kind of medicine that will boost your bone mineralization and cardiovascular health, as well as help prevent diabetes, obesity and depression. It will even help prevent gum disease. If you are a woman expecting a child, it will greatly enhance the health of your unborn child. These are benefits that conventional medicine, particularly the FDA, cannot take away from you. This is your natural gift. 

The litmus test for doctors

For me, the power of natural sunlight to enhance human health and prevent progressive, degenerative, chronic disease is so astounding that it has become a litmus test for any doctor or person involved in health care. I ask people in the medical field for their opinion on natural sunlight, and if they respond by saying it causes cancer and that people should wear sunscreen all the time, then I know they are ignorant and live in the past when it comes to medicine. On the other hand, if they say sunlight can actually ease depression, and is the most powerful anticancer therapy in the world, then I know they are on the ball.

In addition to this being a litmus test on an individual basis, this same question is a litmus test for the entire industry. Until conventional medicine embraces the reality that natural sunlight is hugely important for the health of our population, it has zero credibility as far as I’m concerned. Until doctors inform African-Americans of their increased need for sunlight exposure, or their increased risk of vitamin D deficiency, modern medicine has zero credibility. Until doctors start prescribing sunlight to patients who are deficient in vitamin D rather than treating the symptoms of diseases caused by those deficiencies, they have zero credibility.

This is the litmus test of the industry: Will organized medicine openly embrace things that work even if it didn’t think of them first? Or will it continue to meddle with the biochemistry of patients, using dangerous pharmaceuticals in an effort to override normal human physiology for the purpose of claiming a chemical victory over a symptom that’s easily preventable with sunlight in the first place?

It comes down to the credibility of the entire industry. Will the industry use what works to help patients, or will the industry discredit everything outside the realm of whatever it thought of first? That’s the real question, because an industry that only promotes its own patented and overpriced pharmaceuticals is an industry that will soon become irrelevant, because the information about the healing power of sunlight, medicinal herbs and medicinal foods is no longer a secret. It’s getting out. People are learning that they can avail themselves of the best medicine in the world by turning to nature and avoiding physicians, hospitals and pharmacies altogether.

The best pharmacy in the world is the pharmacy of nature. Time and time again we are discovering that the cures for major chronic diseases are available in nature at absolutely zero cost. Sunlight is free of charge. Vitamin D is such a powerful healing drug that I’m surprised the FDA hasn’t tried to confiscate it from people’s bodies. I’m surprised the FDA hasn’t announced that vitamin D is a controlled drug, and that people are not allowed to use it without FDA approval and a prescription from their doctor. I’m surprised the FDA hasn’t arrested me yet, because I am a person who, on a regular basis, doses himself with the most powerful medicine in the world: Sunlight.

Am I playing doctor with my own body? You bet I am. I’m practicing medicine on myself, with the help of nature, and the entire medical-industrial complex is powerless to stop it. Long live health freedom!

About the author: Mike Adams is a consumer health advocate with a passion for sharing empowering information to help improve personal and planetary health He has authored more than 1,500 articles and dozens of reports, guides and interviews on natural health topics, reaching millions of readers with information that is saving lives and improving personal health around the world. Adams is an honest, independent journalist and accepts no money or commissions on the third-party products he writes about or the companies he promotes. In 2007, Adams launched EcoLEDs, a manufacturer of mercury-free, energy-efficient LED lighting products that save electricity and help prevent global warming. He’s also the CEO of a highly successful email newsletter software company that develops software used to send permission email campaigns to subscribers. Adams also serves as the executive director of the Consumer Wellness Center, a non-profit consumer protection group, and pursues hobbies such as Pilates, Capoeira, nature macrophotography and organic gardening. He’s also author of numerous health books published by Truth Publishing and is the creator of several consumer-oriented grassroots campaigns, including the Spam. Don’t Buy It! campaign, and the free downloadable Honest Food Guide. He also created the free reference sites and Adams believes in free speech, free access to nutritional supplements and the ending of corporate control over medicines, genes and seeds.

Source:  Natural News

How Controlled Amino Acid Therapy (CAAT) Works

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The objective of CAAT is to alter or impair the development of cancer cells by interfering with the five basic requirements of cell formation (structure, energy, blood vessels, growth hormones and functions). This is accomplished by controlling the intake of the 20 different amino acids. The building blocks of proteins and cells, that the cancer cell requires for formation, growth and function. In essence, amino acids in the form of enzymes and hormones, control literally every chemical reaction that takes place in the cells of the body. (Source, text book, Practical Physiological Chemistry: authors; Harper, Rodwell and Mayes.) Thus, the name Controlled Amino Acid Therapy (CAAT).

1. Structure: It impairs the creation of certain amino acids that are essential to manufacture DNA in cancer cells. Without structure, the cancer cell can not develop.

2. Energy: Increases the daily intake of certain amino acids, and along with its individualized formulation manipulates the two energy systems. The differences between how cells derive their energy explains why the functionality of normal cells will not be affected, and why the shutting off of the energy supply to cancer cells, by inhibiting Glycolysis, results in starving them to death.

3. Blood Vessels: Reduce the body’s daily intake of certain amino acids, which prevents cancer cells from building new blood vessels. Cancer cells require more of certain amino acids because they don’t have a built-in vascular system.

4. Growth Factors: Reduce the over production of proteins that function as growth factors. In addition, almost all cancer cells depend upon several growth factors for their growth and reproduction. For example: the growth hormone is responsible for regulating production. A reduction in the production of the growth hormone inhibits the production of other growth factors, and thereby shuts down the process of cell division, an indirect way of eliminating cancerous cells.

5. Functions: It inhibits production of enzymes and hormones that are essential to their growth, reproduction and metastasis (spreading to other parts of the body).


(Keep in mind, CAAT is much more than just a “diet”; it is an amino acid, carbohydrate, & glucose REDUCTION protocol which strategically uses the chemical reactions of amino acids, foods, and nutritional supplements to impair the development of cancer cells, thus starving them to death.) Clinical trials have already been done with humans using amino acid depravation formulas, and with much success. (Journal American Medical Association. 1967; 200:211)

CAAT is a course of therapy to control a patient’s amino acid intake. This is achieved by taking certain foods out of a persons’ daily food plan for a short time and by replacing them with a scientifically supported formula of amino acids. It is also important to emphasize that the food plan that accompanies the amino acid formula needs to be followed so not to offset any of the benefits we are creating by depriving the cancer cells the nutrients they need to grow. Also, it is important to realize that the patient does not need to abandon their conventional cancer treatment, (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, hormone treatments) nor is it recommended that they do so unless it has already failed them. CAAT works synergistically with chemotherapy and/or radiation to enhance their benefits (see study by Dr. Marco Rabinowitz of the National Cancer Institute). His report on amino acid deprivation, such as with Controlled Amino Acid Therapy (CAAT), proven to inhibit phosphofructokinase which shuts down the energy supply to cancer cells, simultaneously enhancing the benefits of chemotherapy while lessening their toxic side effects. CAAT has also proven to work successfully alone.

Phase 1: CAAT Formulation

The most important component of CAAT is the scientifically formulated amino acids. Based on the specific formula for each cancer, it consists of separate amino acids, citric acid, and small amounts of sodium benzoate. Each formula replaces most of the regular daily proteins found in meats, dairy, fish, beans and nuts, which cancer cells can derive their energy from. The CAAT formula taken two times per day will nourish the healthy cells while causing the cancer cells to starve to death. Of course each individual has specific needs concerning their diet, and this is explained in the second phase of the protocol as well as with a specialist at the Institute when beginning the CAAT therapy.

Phase 2: Daily Food Intake

DISCLAIMER: The following food program SHOULD NOT be consumed without the amino acid formula and without consent from your doctor and our Institute.

*1/2 Grapefruit or 1-orange or 6-ounces of fresh orange juice.
Whey Enhanced Protein (Vanilla Flavor – Vitamin Shoppe Brand) approximately
10 – 12 grams of protein – read label carefully, based on 150 lb. person ].
A serving of Grits (Butter, cinnamon and other spices are okay).
1 cup of green or black tea (Fructose is sweetener of choice).
* Do Not have ½ grapefruit if taking Chemotherapy

Explanation: ½ Grapefruit or 1 orange or 6 ounces of fresh orange juice are rich in the natural nutrients called Limonene and Citric Acid. Limonene helps shut down the Ras cancer gene which is over-active in 90 percent of all cancers. Citric Acid helps shut down glycolosis which in turn helps starve cancer cells to death.

Whey Enhanced Protein (Vanilla Flavor – Vitamin Shoppe Brand) Phosphorus is a nutrient that cancer cells must utilize in order to grow and reproduce. This brand of whey protein is very low in phosphorous and contains no additional vitamins, so when using approximately 10 – 12 grams of protein per 150 lb. person, it helps to protect normal cells, maintain a normal appetite, and also helps to fight edema. (Edema is the swelling or water build up in the legs or other sites in the body)

Whey protein is included in the daily menu of all advanced or metastatic cancer patients. When treating cancers that are stable or have regressed in size, patients then have the option of including other protein foods at their breakfast meals such as cottage cheese, yogurt, or soy foods. Eggs are allowed in the diets of patients with lymphoma and brain cancers.

Grits or Cream of Wheat or 1 slice of white toast or ½ plain bagel or ½ English muffin (Butter is okay)

Grits or white rice is the preferred carbohydrate food at each meal. The other choices are options once the patient’s cancer is stable or reduced in size. Unrefined carbohydrates are included in the CAAT menu instead of whole grains to deprive cancer cells of a certain B-complex vitamin called Pyridoxine (Vitamin B-6). Cancer cells require this vitamin to manufacture certain amino acids that we keep away from through CAAT’s amino acid reduction formula and diet.
Grits is the preferred carbohydrate food at all meals instead of rice, corn, or pasta because it helps deplete Tryptophan in the body, which is essential for the growth and spreading of cancer cells.

1 cup of green or black tea, using fructose as the sweetener of choice. These teas are rich sources of several compounds that help shut down glycolosis and cut off the energy supply to cancer cells. Also, green or regular tea helps to prevent certain hormones and tumor growth factors from stimulating cancer cells to grow and metastasize to other parts of the body. Brassica teas can also be taken because they contain sulphorane, a nutrient that inhibits cancer growth, and also shuts down the cancer genes.
* Why we use fructose as the sweetener of choice will be explained in detail at the end of this phase of the CAAT protocol.


Amino acid formula (4 level plastic scoops) mixed with any of the following: Water & Fructose; Fresh lemonade & Fructose; Chicken or Beef broth; V8 juice.
Generous amounts of One cooked vegetable or a combination of the following: asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, brussell sprouts, spinach, squash, string beans.
One serving (1/2 cup)of fresh fruit. Choice of: pear, orange, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries.
1 serving (moderate) of grits or corn or rice or pasta (Add tomato sauce or butter)
1 tablespoon of coconut oil
8 to 10 black or green olives
2 tablespoons of vinegar (minimum of 5% acidity) add to vegetables or food
1 cup of green or black tea (Fructose as desired)


This Amino Acid Reduction Formula (4 level plastic scoops may vary) combined with the special diet, allows the CAAT Protocol to reduce certain amino acids in the daily diet of the cancer patient, and is designed to replace most of the animal protein in the diet. Cancer cells require the amino acids glycine, serine, glutamic acid, and aspartic acid to synthesize DNA, build new blood vessels or duplicate its entire contents of proteins. Also, cancer cells require these and certain other amino acids in order to synthesize other proteins that act as growth promoting hormones or tumor growth factors. CAAT impairs the synthesis of a protein called elastin, which is absolutely essential to the manufacture of new blood vessels. The Amino Acid Reduction Formula, diet, certain phytochemicals and herbs work efficaciously to attack cancer cells at each and every biological front.

The generous amounts of one cooked vegetable or a combination of such helps keep normal cells healthy. They are low in carbohydrates and proteins, and high in phytochemicals, compounds which help fight cancer. Patients are allowed to eat these vegetables and salads whenever desired.

The 8 to 10 olives are rich in squalene and oleic acid, nutrients that have been reported to inhibit certain cancer growth factors. The calories in olives also help control body weight and increases ketones in the blood. Ketones help fight cancer by impairing glycolosis – a process in which cancer cells depend almost exclusively upon for their daily supply of energy. Vinegar (and fructose) are two natural products that increase the production of both ACETIC ACID and CITRIC ACID in the body.

Acetic acid and citric acid also help fight cancer by shutting down the process of glycolosis.
Normal cells derive most of their daily energy supply from acetic acid and citric acid, where as cancer cells derive most of their daily energy from glycolosis.


Amino acid formula (4 plastic level scoops) mixed with any of the following: Water & fructose; Fresh lemonade & Fructose; Chicken or Beef broth; V8 Juice.
Generous amounts of One cooked vegetable or a combination of the following: asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, spinach, squash, string beans.
One serving (1/2 cup) of stewed plums with fresh cream & fructose; use 4-ounces of orange juice if plums are not in season.
Avacado salad with lettuce, tomatoes, celery, onions, with lemon juice and coconut oil or olive oil.
2 tablespoons of vinegar (minimum of 5% acidity) add to vegetables or food.
1 serving of grits or corn or pasta or rice (Add garlic and butter or tomato sauce)
1 cup of green or black tea (Fructose as desired)

Mid Evening Snack: Ketogenic Cocktail – 2 ounces of fresh cream, ½ ounce each of both coconut & olive oil, 1 tablespoon of Fructose.
1 plum or 4 ounces of orange juice.

Explanation: Plums contain quinlic acid, which is converted into benzoic acid in the body and which in turn helps to deplete the availability of the amino acid Glycine (Glycine is essential to the synthesis of DNA for cancer cells) and the proteins that cancer cells require to build new blood vessels and their tumor growth factors. If underweight take two ounces of light cream and one ounce of olive oil/coconut oil as needed to maintain weight.

Optional Meal:

3 to 4 ounces of Veal, Fish of choice, Beef, Chicken breast, and 1-slice of white bread.

Consume this meal with a minimum of 3 hours before or after taking the amino acids.

Explanation: If the patient is 10 or more pounds underweight or if their albumin levels are below normal is when the optional meal is allowed. This meal should be eaten a minimum of 3 hours before or after taking the amino acids. CAAT provides sufficient protein to maintain the health of normal cells and adequate amounts of calories to maintain desired body weight. Any proteins taken in excess of amounts recommended in the diet will counter act the benefits of the CAAT protocol.

Special Diets: A special diet will be created for any cancer patient whose ability to consume food and liquids has placed them in a critical situation. When a patient is using a feeding apparatus, or they have become too weak or lethargic to eat and drink the daily minimum amount for survival, we will break up the total breakfast, lunch, and dinner over a period of every 2 hours during the entire day until the patient is capable of returning to a daily diet as outlined above.

Carbohydrate and glucose reduction in this diet: CAAT’S dietary menu provides approximately 20 percent of its calories in the form of carbohydrates. Calories need not be a focal point or counted daily. It is recommended that all patients combat their cancers by keeping their body weight at normal or slightly below normal levels. A patient’s desired body weight is regulated by their rate of metabolism, which in turn is regulated by their blood levels of thyroxine, cortisone, insulin, and the amounts of fats and oils in the diet. Studies with human cancer patients and laboratory animals show that reducing the calories of carbohydrates (glucose) in their daily diet by only 10 percent reduced the size of cancerous tumors. When carbohydrate (glucose) calories were reduced 40 percent, the cancers disappeared. It is recommended that those patients who are obese gradually and systematically lose their excess weight to increase the efficiency of the CAAT protocol. Those patients who are underweight shoudn’t gain weight unless they are more than 10 pounds below normal levels. When a patient is underweight due to anorexia or cachexia, such illnesses must be addressed before the CAAT protocol can begin.

Why we use Fructose and Vinegar to treat cancer:

Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg discovered more than 50 years ago that all cancer cells produce inordinate amount of lactic acid but he couldn’t explain why.

In 2001 our Institute published the first study to show that cancer cells produce excess amounts of lactic acid because they could not access the oxygen in compartments in the cells called the mitochondria. This provided evidence that cancer cells depend almost exclusively upon glycolosis or the metabolism of glucose as their major source of energy.

Dr. Spitz and Dr. Lee with other cancer researchers published studies showing that when cancer cells are deprived glucose, their energy supply is cut off which causes these cancer cells to commit suicide.

Therefore shutting down glycolosis would be one means of destroying cancer cells because energy can only be derived from glucose through the metabolic process called glycolosis.

Recently our Cancer Institute discovered that both acetic acid and citric acid could inhibit the activity of a key enzyme in glycolosis called phosphofructokinase, which in turn shuts down the process of glycolosis. Our cancer Institute is the first to introduce both fructose and vinegar as treatments for cancer because they either contain or produce acetic acid.

In conclusion, fructose and vinegar are added as supplements to the CAAT protocol because of their acetic acid properties that help shut down glycolosis, shutting off cancer cells energy supply and causing them to die off.

Phase 3: Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements are based on each unique situation. For example, slow growing cancers produce low levels of toxic free radicals. Tumor cells that grow aggressively produce large amounts of toxic free radicals. The patient will be instructed whether or not to take anti-oxidants (in a nutritional supplement) and at what dosage, according to the levels of toxic free radicals produced in the cancerous cells.

An example of how nutritional supplements can help manipulate cancer cells involves vitamin B-6 (pyroxidine) There are four amino acids essential to the synthesis of DNA. However, those amino acids cannot be synthesized without a certain enzyme, which includes vitamin B-6 among other components. Any supplement containing vitamin B-6 SHOULD NOT be taken during the first 2 months of the CAAT protocol.

The patient will be instructed as to which nutritional supplements or phytochemicals should be purchased and at what dosage strength. Keep in mind that each supplement only complements the CAAT protocol. However, when they are combined they augment the therapeutic benefits of the aminoacid, carbohydrate, and glucose reduction diet.

Parsley: Contains ingredients that can help shut down certain enzymes called Epithelial Growth Factors, which stimulate the growth and spread of cancer. ( CAAT’S amino acid reduction diet works in the same manner )

Vitamin D: Helps activate in many kinds of cancers enzymes called Phosphotases, which literally shut down the activities of other enzymes called Kinases, which are essential to the growth and reproduction of cancer cells.

Green Tea Extract: Phytochemicals in tea help shut down glycolosis (cancer cell’s main supplier of energy) and thereby help to starve cancer cells to death. These effects help complement the effects of CAAT’S carbohydrate reduction.

Anti-Oxidants: The controversy as to whether or not to treat cancer with anti-oxidants is slowly resolving with the current understanding of how they affect the activity of genes and enzymes in cancer cells. The prevailing data shows that the benefits or lack of benefits depend upon the oxidative state the cancer cells are in. Anti-oxidants taken when the cells are in a very high oxidative state may prevent cancer cells from entering apoptosis ( apoptosis is when a cancer cell commits suicide) When oxidative stress in cancer cells is only slightly above normal, anti-oxidants are then expected to stop their growth and reproduction.

Blood Chemistry: Blood tests are usually taken every 6 to 8 weeks, depending upon the results of each test. Not only is it important to monitor the tumor markers but equally important to keep abreast of the overall health of normal tissues and organs. For example, it is important to learn of the health of the kidneys and liver, whether the body is producing sufficient red and white blood cells, etc. Low albumin levels most often indicate insufficient intake of proteins in the diet and this problem would have to be addressed. CAAT is designed to attack cancer but keep the normal cells and tissues functioning harmoniously.

Whey Protein: This protein food is recommended at the breakfast meal to help meet the daily needs of amino acids for the normal cells of the body, and to help keep albumin levels normal and to help prevent edema. We recommend Whey protein purchased from the Vitamin Shoppe because it is the only brand that we have seen with no phosphorous or additional vitamins added to it.

Grits: Grits are also recommended at the breakfast meal in place of whole grains because it is low in vitamin B-6. Cancer cells require B-6 to manufacture the amino acid Glycine, which is required for DNA synthesis. Grits, instead of whole grains, therefore helps prevent cancer cells from manufacturing DNA and building new blood vessels.

Calcium D-Glucurate: This phytochemical helps the body to retain a compound called Glucuronic acid. This is necessary to eliminate both estrogen and testosterone from the body. This is why Calcium D-Glucurate is added to the regiments of patients with breast & prostate cancers. Calcium D-Glucurate is not to be confused with calcium carbonate, which is nothing more than a calcium supplement.

D-Limonene: This phytochemical found mostly in citrus fruits blocks the process called Isoprenylation, which is necessary for tumor growth factors such as the RAS gene, Epithelial Growth factor, Tyrosine Kinase, and Insulin-Like-Growth-factor, to send their signals into the nucleus of a cancer cell and directs them to grow and divide into more cancer cells.

Tocotrienols: This member of the Vitamin E family also helps shut down Isoprenylation and assists D-Limonene in blocking the actions of the various tumor growth factors. More specifically, tocotrienols shut down an enzyme called HMG-2, that is essential to the synthesis of the building blocks that form the Isoprenylation process.

Niacin: This B-Complex vitamin works with D-limonene and the Tocotrienols to shut down the process of Isoprenylation, which as mentioned above prevents the cancer promoting RAS genes from sending signals into the nucleus of the cell. Niacin also helps deplete thee amino acid Glycine, which cancer cells need to synthesize DNA. And by reducing cholesterole in the body, Niacin helps lower the production of estrogen and testosterone.

Choline: This B-complex vitamin is included in our supplement list to help the liver metabolize Niacin and other compounds and to help fight fatigue that accompanies most forms of cancer.

Selenium: Numerous studies show that this mineral can interfere with the activity of certain genes that promote the growth of cancer and to induce cancer cells to commit suicide (apoptosis)

Perilla Oil: This oil is rich in Alpha Linolenic Acid which can inhibit the growth of cancer cells in several ways. One way is to inhibit the synthesis in the body of a tumor growth promotin hormone called Prostaglandin-2, also, Alpha Linolenic Acid inhibits the actions of certain genes that promote the growth of cancer cells. Linolenic acid is not to be confused with linoleic acid, which is a bad fat that stimulates the growth of cancer cells. This bad fat, linoleic acid, is found in all vegetable oils and nuts (With the exception of coconut oil). Olive oil has the least amount of this bad fat.

Super Miraforte: This herb impairs the synthesis of estrogen from testosterone in the body and is included in the regiments of women with breast cancer.

Licorice Root Extract & Pantothenic Acid: This HERB and VITAMIN are added to the regiment when it is desirable to produce steroid like actions in the body. Used also to help patients gain weight and to inhibit the growth of Lymphomas and Leukemia’s.

Resveratrol: This phytochemical blocks the actions of a number of a number of cancer promoting genes thereby causing cancer cells to enter into apoptosis (cell death) and is included in the treatment of all cancers.

Indole-3 Carbinol & D.I.M.: These two phytochemicals block the actions of both estrogen and testosterone and are included in the regiments of both breast and prostate gland cancer.

Melatonin: Numerous studies show that this hormone blocks the synthesis of the cancer promoting chemicals in the body called Leukotrienes, and is included in the treatment of all cancers.

Artho Pro System: This combination of herbs and phytochemicals inhibits the synthesis of the cancer promoting hormone called Prostaglandin-2 and the Leukotriens and replaces the drug celebrex when liver problems are present. The Prostaglandin hormone is over active in most cancers and stimulates cancer growth. The body manufactures the Prostaglandin hormone from the bad fat, Linoleic acid, mentioned above.

CAAT is designed to attack cancer, while keeping normal cells and tissues functioning harmoniously.

Source:  A.P. John Institute for Cancer Research

Hoffer’s Orthomolecular Treatment of Cancer

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Written by:  Abram Hoffer, PhD, MD, FRCP(C)

Abram Hoffer, PhD, MD

Abram Hoffer, PhD, MD

Between 1978 and March, 1999 I have seen over 1040 patients suffering from cancer who came to me for nutritional and psychiatric counseling. This is no longer a surprising combination as it was when I first started to practice psychiatry in 1952. I attended my first annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association in Los Angeles, in 1952. I did not meet another psychiatrist there with a PhD in Biochemistry. Since then many more scientists with the double degrees have become active in this field but of these very few actively pursue this particular combination. Orthomolecular theory and practice drives these two together. I have retained my interest in the biochemistry and clinical aspects of nutrition combining this with my education in medicine and later in psychiatry. The recovery of my first patient in 1960 from terminal bronchiogenic cancer of the lung arose from this coalescence of these two disciplines.

 By 1960 my research group in Saskatchewan had discovered the first biochemical substance that was clearly related to the schizophrenias. Not knowing its structure we called it the mauve factor until it was later identified as kryptopyrrole. We tested thousands of patients and found that over 75% of all schizophrenic patients excreted this substance in their urine. It was also present in about 25% of other psychiatric groups, in about 10% of severely stressed physically ill patients and in about 5% of normal people but they were mostly first order relatives of schizophrenic patients. It disappeared with recovery of the patients no matter how they were treated. I was particularly interested in the fact that out of eight patients with cancer of the lung this factor was present in 5.

In 1960 a retired psychotic professor was admitted to our psychiatric department at University Hospital in Saskatoon. He had a bronchiogenic carcinoma of the lung and when he became psychotic it was concluded he had secondaries in his brain. He was placed on terminal care, expected to die in a month or so. Earlier he had been discharged to the care of his wife and a nurse but after several weeks had to be readmitted since they could not cope with his behavior. As soon as I discovered he was on our ward I had his urine collected and we tested it for the factor. He excreted copious quantities which we were able to use to help us identify the substance. I then advised his resident to start him on niacin 1 gram after each meal and on ascorbic acid 1 gram after each meal. By then I knew that this combination of vitamins used in megadoses was very helpful in treating any patient with this factor in their urine no matter what they were diagnosed. Fortunately for this patient the resident accepted my advice (the patient was not under my care but I was Director of Psychiatric Research at the hospital). He was started on the two vitamins on Friday afernoon and he was mentally normal by the following Monday.

I knew this patient before he became ill as I had treated his wife. After he had recovered I advised him to remain on these two vitamins. In 1960 our research unit was the only one in Canada, and perhaps in the world, where 500 mg tablets of these vitamins were available. They were specially made for us. If smaller tablets were used in these large doses they would make our patients sick because they contained so much filler. I told him that if he would pick up a supply each month I would give it to him free. This meant he had to see me each month and this gave me the opportunity of assessing his psychiatric state. I did not expect he would recover from his cancer. He had been told of his dismal prognosis and I did not contradict that. To my surprise he kept on coming back. About 12 months later I had lunch with the Director of the Cancer Clinic which had been following his case. He told me that the tumor had become less and less visable with each X ray every three months and that it was now no longer present. He lived about 30 months after he was diagnosed terminal. I had hoped that when he died he would be autopsied at University Hospital. Unfortunately he died at another hospital and I did not hear this until several days later. He did not die from his cancer.

Two years later a woman I had treated for depression several years earlier consulted me again. This time she was depressed because her 16-year-old daughter had Ewings tumor (a highly malignant sarcoma) in one arm and she was slated for surgery to amputate her arm. This was the standard treatment. I told her about the previous patient and his recovery and suggested that although there was no evidence it would help it could do no harm and might possibly be of some value. Her daughter agreed to take niacinamide 1 gram after each meal and ascorbic acid 1 gram after each meal. Her surgeon agreed to postpone surgery for a month. She recovered and the last time I heard from her family she was married and leading a normal productive life, with both arms. I concluded that vitamin B-3 was the most important component and that the vitamin C was helpful. In Saskatchewan under my direction we did the first double blind controlled therapeutic trials in Psychiatry, completing six by 1960. Therefore I was aware of the powerful influence of placebo. However when two terminal patients recovered on the vitamins it became powerful evidence that there was more than placebo at work.

I did not see any more cancer patients until 1977 after I had established my practice in Victoria, BC. In British Columbia specialists will not accept patients until they have been referred by their general practitioners. As a psychiatrist I saw patients referred with psychiatric problems but in most cases the referring physicians would not indicate why the referral had been made and I would only discover the reason when I finally saw my patient.

A.S.An elderly woman appeared and when I asked her why she had come she replied that she had cancer of the head of the pancrease. She had developed jaundice. Her surgeon discovered she had a large tumor in the head of the pancreas which occluded her bile duct. He promptly closed, created a by-pass, and when she recovered from the anesthesia advised her that she had about 3 to 6 months to live. She worked in a book store. She had read Norman Cousins book Anatomy of an Illness and thought that if he was able to take so much vitamin C with safety she could too and she began to take 10 grams each day. The next time she consulted her doctor she told him what she was doing. He referred her to me since he was familiar with my interest in megadoses of vitamins. I reviewed her program and increased her vitamin C to 4o grams daily trying to reach the sublaxative level. I had been using multi nutrients for my schizophrenic patients for many years and since I had no idea which, if any, of these vitamins might help I reasoned that she would have a much better chance if she also were to take more than one nutrient. I then added vitamin B-3, selenium, and zinc sulfate. Six months later she called me at home in great excitement. She had just had a CT scan. No tumor was visible. The CT scan was repeated by the incredulous radiologist. Her original bile duct had reopened and now she had two. She remained alive and well until she died February 19, 1999, nearly 22 years after she was told she would die.

Rarely patients make a major contribution to medicine by their interest in a disease and their willingness to try innovative approaches. A.S’s recovery changed my professional career and I believe will make a major contribution to the complementary treatment of all cancer patients. Last year at a public meeting I thanked her publicly when I discussed her case before a meeting of Cancer Victors. She added that I had changed her life as well. She has also changed the life of hundreds of cancer patients who became victors, not victims.

By telling her friends, relatives and customers about her recovery she changed the nature of my practice. That first year another five patients were referred. The second case was a man with a sarcoma of the prostate which was invading his pelvic bone. He was advised no treatment was available. His doctor referred him to me and I started him on a similar program. But he was only able to take about 10 grams of vitamin C daily. I asked his doctor if he would mind injecting him with 10 grams of vitamin C twice weekly. After six months his doctor wanted to know how much longer would he need to receive his vitamin C. He told me that the tumor was gone. He stopped the injection. He lived another 9 years and died at age 80, but not from his cancer.

More patients were referred to me each year. At first almost all of them were patient-generated and often it took remarkable persuasive powers for the patient to obtain the necessary referral. After assessing their physical and mental state I would talk to them about the therapeutic regimen. I outlined the program in detail describing each nutrient and why I thought they might be helpful. I added that there was no guarantee that the vitamins would be helpful but gave them hope by describing the cases who had had a dramatic response. I added that the vitamin mineral program would decrease the toxicity of the xenobiotic treatment and would increase the efficacy of the xenobiotic program. If they needed surgery they would heal faster afterwards. If they needed chemotherapy the program would make it more tolerable and less painful and if they needed radiation the program would decrease the intensity of the side effects of the radiation and increase its efficacy. These comments were based on the literature which was developing rapidly. The program was designed to assist the body in controlling the cancer and was not a direct assault on the tumor. The attack on the tumor was carried out by the other physicians including their family doctor, the surgeons, the radiologist and oncologists. The diagnosis of the cancer and the xenobiotic treatment used was left entirely to the patient and their other doctors. I did not advise them whether or not they should take any other treatment. Very few did not receive xenobiotic therapy. After describing the program I would arrange to see them once more unless they were very depressed and anxious, in which case I would see them more often. A few of the patients had been under my care before they developed their cancer and I continued to see them. I then sent a consultation report to each referring physician. After the second interview they were returned to the care of their family physicians. I had not planned on doing any follow up but after several years when I had treated about 50 patients I became aware that the patients who had followed the regimen consistently for at least two months lived much longer than the patients who did not start the program or did not take it for at least two months.

About this time I went to a Festchrift for Dr. Arthur Sackler at Woods Hole, Mass. We met in 1951 when I was starting our research program. He and his brothers were practicing in mid-Manhatten. They were probably the first orthomolecular psychiatrists in the United States. They were treating schizophrenic patients by injecting them with histamine. After I returnd home I repeated their studies and found that their observations were correct. Out of twelve patients I treated using their regimen 8 became normal. The treatment was difficult since they had to be given increasing amounts of subcutaneous histamine until their diastolic pressure decreased to 0. It was amazing to see how comfortable they could be with that low blood pressure. Treatments were givern daily on week days until the series was completed. I did not continue this series because by this time I was using megadoses of vitamin B-3 which was much easier to administer and equally effective. The histamine flush was identical with the niacin flush. At that meeting Dr. Linus Pauling delivered a vigorous and careful critique of the Mayo Clinic’s attempt to repeat the studies he had done with Dr. Ewan Cameron in Scotland. The Mayo group claimed they had exactly repeated these studies but it was clear on reading their paper that they had not. Dr. Pauling did not object to their negatives findings. He objected to their statement that their conclusions resulting from a different method of administering the vitamin C were used to condemn his and Camerons findings. In other words no scientist can claim to confirm or deny any study unless they really have repeated the original work as described by the original authors.

Linus Pauling

Linus Pauling

The next morning, after breakfast, I visited Linus Pauling who was staying in the room next to mine. When I walked in he was busy with a hand calculator. He told me he was working out the electron orbitals saying that he did not understand them unless he did the calculations himself. I told him that on the basis of my fifty patients I had concluded that he and Cameron were right, that vitamin C in large doses did improve enormously the outcome of treatment for cancer. Linus asked me if I intended to publish the data. I replied that I did not. I added that in my opinion there was little point in trying to do so since it wold be impossible to gain entry into any medical journal, that they would not accept any paper that dealt favorably with megadose vitamin therapy. The New England Journal of Medicine, which had published the Mayo Clinic attack on Pauling, refused to publish his rebuttal. Linus urged me to do a complete follow up study of every patient I had treated. I was flattered and agreed that I would. He said that he would see that the material would be published. But when I returned home I decided not to do the follow up. It would have meant an enormous amount of work. I thought tht Dr. Pauling was being kind to me. Two years later I received a letter from Linus in which he said bluntly “Abram where is the study”. I decided that he was serious about it. By then I had seen 134 patients. I apologized and promised to start the follow up immediately. I traced every patient and determined whether they were alive, where they were, and what had happened to their lives. I contacted the patients, their famlies, their doctors, the cancer clinic where nearly all of them had been seen and treated. The Cancer Clinic in Victoria did a good job of investigation, diagnosis and treatment using only xenobiotic therapies.

Dr. Pauling developed an elegant method for determining the probable outcome of treatment using cohorts of patients who were or were not treated. After I had completed the follow up I sent the case histories, with identification of each patient removed, and the follow up study. We decided to use the duration of life as the only variable. This began when they first saw me and ended with the day of their death. There is increasing evidence that this hard measure of success is much more useful than trying to decide whether the tumor is slightly smaller or not. For patients have lived for a long time with slowly growing tumors. We agreed to publish as coauthors. I suggested that the first paper would be by Pauling and Hoffer. This was because it was his original idea to use megadoses of vitamin C and the work I had done was merely to test his conclusions. He was very firm that he would not consider this and insisted it would appear as Hoffer and Pauling. I think he felt that as a clinician who had done the clinical work I should be the senior author. He did not have an MD. Linus Pauling, in my opinion, was the most brilliant humanitarian scientist that ever lived. Over his life time in addition to his two Noble Prizes, he was awarded nearly 40 Honorary degrees, PHD’s and DSc’s. I am sorry he was never given an Honorary MD. His contribution to human health has surpassed that of most physicians. We wrote the paper using his method for analyzing the data and my clinical material. But the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences refused to accept the paper. One of the criticisms of our paper came from some rumour which had reached the critic that I had solicited patients to come to be seen implying I had selected only the best prognostic patients. On the contrary I had nothing to do with the selection and I included every patient who had been referred. Eventually we published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine. I am the editor and I could not refuse to accept our work. That original paper was reprinted in the book by Ewan Cameron and Linus Pauling Cancer and Vitamin C. Updated and Expanded. Camino Books Inc, P.O. Box 59026, Philadelphia, PA 19102. 1993. Appendix IX is this report.

We began to write a book. My case load was building very quickly and I published a second paper with Dr. Pauling and several more after that on my own. We finshed most of the book except for much of the detailed clinical material but we could not find a publisher in the United States willing to publish it. The topic was still too controversial. I found a Canadian Publisher, Quarry Press, Kingston, ONT. A few months ago I sent him the completed manuscript. This contains all the original material Dr. Pauling had written dealing with each type of cancer and a presentation of my data based on nearly 800 patients. We concluded in our manuscript that the optimum treatment for cancer today is a combination of xenobiotic and orthomolecular therapy and that treatment must be started as soon as possible. This book will be available in about one year.

Source:  A. Hoffer, Ph.D., M.D., F.R.C.P.(C)

New Research Shows How Brocolli Beats Cancer

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There’s an abundance of scientific evidence today to suggest that fruits and vegetables can aid in cancer prevention. In the last decade, researchers uncovered one compound in particular that’s a potent anti-cancer agent. Sulforaphane is most highly concentrated in broccoli, as well as in other cruciferous vegetables, such as Brussels sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower. According to the American Institute of Cancer Research, animal studies to date have shown that sulforaphane can dramatically reduce the number of malignant tumors, reproduction, growth rate and size, as well as delay cancer onset. Some research findings suggest that sulforaphane might exert its anti-cancer effects by activating detoxifying proteins in the body known as ‘Phase 2 detoxifying enzymes’ [Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 1997 Sep 16;94(19): 10367-10372]. The role of these special enzymes appears to be scavenging for cancer-causing molecules.

Now a new study adds to these positive reports about sulforaphane by proposing that the compound may additionally play a more direct role in cancer prevention by inducing cell cycle arrest and apoptosis [Cancer Res 2000 Mar 1;60(5):1426-1433]. After treating human colon cancer cells with sulforaphane, the researchers found a number of chemical and structural cellular changes that indicated cancer cells were being killed off by the compound. The study authors also go on to explain that broccoli contains a stable sulforaphane precursor (isothiocyanate), which causes broccoli to release its sulforaphane content when the vegetable is chewed or chopped.

Earlier research at Johns Hopkins University found that sulforaphane blocked the formation of mammary tumors in rodents treated with a potent carcinogen [Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 1994;91:3147-3150]. Results showed that the number of rats that developed tumors was reduced by 60%, the number of tumors they developed dropped by 80%, and tumor size decreased by 75%. Other research by the American Health Foundation showed that sulforaphane inhibited the appearance of premalignant lesions of colon cancer in rats [Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2000;41:660]. And, almost a decade ago, scientists had found that sulforaphane boosted the activity of two detoxifying enzymes—quinone reductase and glutathione transferase—in experimental mice [Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 1992 Mar 15;89(6):2399-2403]. As a result, scientists speculated that sulforaphane may regulate the metabolism of carcinogens, possibly by helping to neutralize harmful molecules and minimizing the oxidative damage that predisposes cells to cancerous growth. Now the latest research adds another piece to the puzzle that explains how sulforaphane goes about subduing cancerous growth and development.

Source:  Life Extension Magazine

In Praise of Spirulina

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I am writing to you from the Emerald Isle and so, quite appropriately, want to talk to you about a deep green supplement called spirulina. This concentrated food supplement is generally derived from Spirulina platensis, a form of blue-green algae that grows abundantly in water.

Among food supplements, spirulina stands out as an excellent dietary source of chlorophyll. This is because spirulina is an aquatic plant that does not require thick cell walls containing indigestible cellulose. Spirulina’s cell walls are made of a chemical called a muramic polysaccharide that is easier to digest, and its chlorophyll is therefore more readily bioavailable than in nonaquatic plants.

According to a recent scientific review from Latin America, spirulina has a vast array of beneficial properties. It has been shown to be effective in the treatment of allergies, anemia, cancer, high cholesterol, elevated blood sugar, viral infections, inflammatory conditions, liver damage, immunodeficiency, cardiovascular diseases, and other conditions. That is a tall order, to be sure, but one that is borne out by the scientific record.

In a 2002 Japanese study, 12 adult males were administered an oral hot water extract of spirulina, and the number and activity of their natural killer (NK) cells was measured before and after treatment. (NK cells destroy tumor cells by binding to them and delivering lethal chemicals that kill on contact.) At the study’s end, there was a significant increase in the production and cancer-killing ability of these subjects’ NK cells. When their NK cells were exposed to a bacterial product after treatment, production of interleukin-12 (IL-12), a measure of immune strength, was significantly increased in comparison to IL-12 production in NK cells without pre-exposure to spirulina.

The authors concluded that in humans spirulina acts directly and indirectly on NK cells. This study suggests that spirulina’s immune-enhancing effects are persistent, as heightened immunity continued to be seen up to five weeks after the subjects stopped receiving spirulina.

There have also been studies in India showing that spirulina reduces the number of tumors (called the “tumor burden”) in experimental animals with various types of cancer. In mice with chemically induced stomach cancer, the tumor burden was reduced to half that of the control animals using high-dose spirulina treatment (500 mg/kg body weight). In skin cancer, the tumor burden was reduced to less than one quarter, even with low-dose treatment (250 mg/kg body weight).

Spirulina also shows potential for decreasing the adverse effects of both chemotherapy and radiation. Scientists in China have shown that a spirulina extract increased the level of white cells in the blood and of nucleated cells and DNA in the bone marrow of mice that had been subjected to chemotherapy and radiation. In dogs, the spirulina extract additionally increased the level of red blood cells. The authors concluded that spirulina “has chemo-protective and radio-protective capability, and may be a potential adjunct to cancer therapy.”

Spirulina Reverses Precancerous Mouth Lesions

These recent findings follow human clinical studies from India showing that spirulina could be an effective treatment for a precancerous condition called oral leukoplakia. Leukoplakia is characterized by the formation of white patches in the mouth that do not rub off. These often progress to oral cancer. In other words, for the patient, it may be the harbinger of a very serious condition indeed.

In the 1990s a clinical study conducted among tobacco chewers in Kerala, India, demonstrated that spirulina could reverse oral leukoplakia in this population. Half of the patients received one gram per day of spirulina and the other half received a placebo. There was a complete regression of lesions in 20 of 44 patients (45%) receiving spirulina as opposed to 3 of 43 (7%) in the placebo arm. These results were highly significant.

Among those who had homogeneous lesions (usually considered less malignant than non-homogeneous lesions), results were even more pronounced, with a complete regression in 16 of 28 subjects (57%). One year after discontinuing the spirulina supplements, 55% continued to be free of these growths. To my knowledge, these promising results have never been adequately publicized or used.

How does this simple alga exercise such profound effects? Although biochemists tend to look for a single “magic bullet” that is responsible for the benefit, it is more likely that a number of factors are at work. There are a variety of micronutrients in spirulina, some of which function as antioxidants, and I would hardly be inclined to minimize their importance. However, I want to point to another possibility. Spirulina contains certain powerful photosensitizers called chlorins. These could interact with light in the red and infrared range to trigger a photodynamic effect, which could kill abnormal cells. It seems more than coincidental that the most prominent reports of benefit come from very sunny climes, such as Latin America and India.

The National Cancer Institute’s PDQ statement on oral cancer does not breathe a word about this simple and inexpensive way to prevent oral cancers. Instead, it heartily recommends surgery and radiation to treat the disease after it has been allowed to form. “For lesions of the oral cavity,” PDQ writes, “surgery must adequately encompass all of the gross as well as the presumed microscopic extent of the disease. . .With modern approaches, the surgeon can successfully ablate large posterior oral cavity tumors and with reconstructive methods can achieve satisfactory functional results.”

In other words, “successful” treatment is mutilating surgery followed by difficult reconstruction in order to achieve merely “satisfactory” results. How awful this is for the patient! In a sane world, wouldn’t we do everything in our power to prevent the formation of cancer, rather than simply allow it to happen and then attack it with highly destructive and costly techniques? But perhaps this is asking too much of a profession that is enamored of its own technical expertise.

Source:  Cancer Decisions: The Moss Report

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October 14, 2008 at 3:35 am

Paw Paw & Cancer: From Discovery to Clinical Trials

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Mom, here is a YouTube video series about Paw Paw and cancer presented by Dr. Jerry McLaughlin – a professor from Perdue University. It’s a good series of videos. I’ve put them in order so you can just go down the list.

Paw Paw & Cancer: From Discovery to Clinical Trials – Part 1

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Paw Paw & Cancer: From Discovery to Clinical Trials – Part 9

Here’s a link to Dr. McLaughlin’s formulation of Paw Paw at Nature’s Sunshine:

Paw Paw Cell-Reg (120)

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October 10, 2008 at 9:26 pm

Graviola: A Great Cancer Fighter

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What Is Graviola?

Graviola is a powerful tree that grows deep within the Amazon rain forest in South America and throughout the Caribbean. Graviola various parts, including the leaves, roots, fruit, fruit seeds, and bark, have been used for centuries by medicine men and women and natives of South America to treat asthma, liver problems, arthritis and heart disease. Different properties and uses are attributed to the different parts of the tree. Generally, the graviola fruit and graviola fruit juice are taken for worms and parasites, to cool fevers, to increase mother’s milk after childbirth, and as an astringent for diarrhea and dysentery. The crushed seeds are used against internal and external parasites, head lice, and worms. The bark, leaves, and roots are considered sedative, antispasmodic, hypertensive, and nervine, and a tea is made for various disorders toward those effects.

Nearly 25 years ago it was discovered that the leaf of the graviola tree contained natural compounds having exceptional cytotoxic activity. In other words, they had a very strong ability to prevent abnormal cellular division. In that sense, Graviola supplements is considered a unique product for immune support, assisting the immune system in cleaning abnormal tissue growth. The plant has been used for centuries by medicine men in South America to treat a number of ailments, including hypertension, influenza, rashes, neuralgia, arthritis, rheumatism, high blood pressure, diarrhea, nausea, dyspepsia, ulcers, ringworm, scurvy, malaria, dysentery, palpitations, nervousness, insomnia, fever, boils and muscle spasms. According to recent research it also protects the immune system, boosts energy and may have strong anti-cancerous properties. Producers claim it is stronger at killing colon cancer cells than common chemotherapeutic drugs and that it hunts down and destroys prostate, lung, breast, colon, and pancreatic cancers, while leaving healthy cells alone.

Forms of Graviola

Graviola Extract : Graviola extract, consumed orally or applied to the skin, is believed to alleviate muscle and joint pain. Graviola extract is available in liquid or tincture. Graviola tincture is better than a raw herb product because the graviola tincture is already separated and thus the various essential elements of the plant are more easily ingested into the body. Not only does this mean that a graviola tincture works faster, but also that the body does not have to expend additional energy to break down the herb for digestion of its therapeutic properties. This greater bioavailability means that a spagyric remedy is both more efficient and more effective than a typical herbal product.

Graviola Tea: Graviola herb tea, made from the leaves, bark and root is believed to work as a sedative and help maintain healthy glucose levels. Graviola tea is consumed daily to elevate mood and increase quality of life. Graviola tea taken orally or applied on the skin is also used as an insect repellent.

Graviola Leaves:
In Brazil, Indigenous people crush Graviola leaves and blend the oozing oil from the leaves with the Graviola fruit. This preparation is used topically for the alleviation of muscle and joint pain.

Graviola Fruit: Graviola fruit is eaten regularly throughout South America as a delicious and refreshing fruit during a hot summer day. Many of the indigenous applications of Graviola have been substantiated by science, and further exceptional properties have been discovered.

Benefits And Uses Of Graviola


  • Maintain intestinal environment

  • Maintain the body’s defense system

  • Purify the body of toxins

  • Support the body in healing itself

  • Enhance immune and circulatory systems

  • Support for lymphatic system

  • Elevate mood and increase quality of alife

  • Alleviate muscle and joint pain.

Graviola supplements has been shown to have an effect on cancer cells which can be of great benefit to someone who is fighting cancer. Graviola is considered an important ally in the combat of more than twelve types of cancer, like lung, breast, prostate, among others. In vitro studies, conducted in more than twenty laboratories, show that graviola can provide a ten thousand times better improvement than treatment with chemotherapy. Scientists are proving its real efficiency in combating cancer. In the majority of cases, natural plant treatments give our life-force the necessary vitality for recovery, and in addition improves the perspective life of the sick person. Using extracts of this powerful tree, a full and natural therapy can be possible without the severe side-effects from the chemotherapy, e.g., nausea and loss of hair.

Source:  Search Warp

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October 10, 2008 at 3:10 pm