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Beating Colon Cancer Nature’s Way

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by Tony Jackson, January 4, 2004 in The Observer

Fresh Vegetable Juice

Fresh Vegetable Juice

The dull ache in my groin and the appearance of a small amount of blood should have sent me rushing to the doctor. But it didn’t. I hoped it would go away. The mind, that master of self-deception, invented an endless list of ridiculous possibilities. Diverticulitis, irritable bowel, ulcerative colitis, haemorrhoids, washing-up scourer. Anything but cancer. That happened to other people.

Eventually, cornered by unimaginable pain, I dragged myself to my GP who referred me for tests. Following a colonoscopy, I was informed that a tumour blocking my colon was so advanced it had prevented passage of the camera. My blood had also tested positive for hepatitis C. I was a mess. The doctors explained that an appointment had been made to arrange for urgent surgical intervention during which any further spread would be assessed.


‘You mean that you want to take out half of my colon without knowing the full extent of my condition,’ I gasped, visions of colostomy bags filling my mind’s eye. The pressure to conform was intense. I wanted six weeks to think about it, I told the doctors. ‘You probably don’t have that long to live,’ they said. ‘Immediate surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy is the only cure. Everything else is snake-oil quackery.’

One in two people in the West will be afflicted with cancer at some point despite the trillions of dollars spent on decades of research. I wanted better odds than those. I took my six weeks. In fact, in the end, I took three months.

Returning home, I decided to take time to go deep into myself mentally in order to make what was probably the most crucial decision of my life. Sitting back, I took a breath and let go.

When I’d left behind the chatter of a restless mind, something remarkable happened. I felt as though I was embraced by a vibrant stillness, a feeling that would stay with me for the next 20 months. In that very moment, I knew I had reached the heart of listening that lies at the core of the healing process and that whatever happened it was going to be OK.

A lifelong interest in holistic therapies meant that I could make informed choices. I’d read a book by a Dr Max Gerson about his successful use of nutrition in the cure of chronic metabolic diseases and advanced cancers. He recommends the use of copious, freshly made organic vegetable juices, detoxing coffee enemas and intense supplementation designed to help regenerate a compromised metabolism.

Accordingly, I put myself under the guidance of a holistic physician who favoured a modified model of the Gerson therapy that took into account the increased toxicity of contemporary life. He included cutting-edge, high-dose supplements and enzymes uniquely geared to fighting cancer, a sweeping detoxification programme and a total revision of diet and lifestyle.

The key was to boost and nurture the immune system so that the conditions of cells are transformed, no longer providing a toxic ground for cancer to flourish. Although case histories show it to be effective in the treatment of even late-stage cancers, it should be understood that pursuing such a course is rigorous, lengthy and expensive, requiring the discipline of a monk.

After three months of this therapy combined with a six-week fast, during which I sustained myself on organic vegetable juice, my immune system was boosted to help protect my cells against metastasis during surgery.

Sue Rose, my partner, and I were lucky enough to find a surgeon, who although she didn’t profess to understand my methods, was sympathetic, agreeing to remove the minimum amount of malignant tissue, for I needed as much of my colon as possible for the enemas. Her major concern was that given the amount of time I had left it there was a real danger of the cancer having spread into the liver, in which case it would be inoperable. A CT scan showed that it hadn’t. For this I thank my regime.

After surgery, the biopsy showed the cancer had spread into the lymph, hardly surprising given the amount of time I had been in denial. This didn’t concern the holistic physician I was under, who was completely confident of being able to deal with it. Not wishing to have chemotherapy, I was discharged.

I was deeply moved by the devotion of nurses and doctors working to save lives within an overwhelmed National Health Service and grateful for their understanding which allowed me to combine conventional and holistic treatment. In my view, if holistic, nutritional medicine, instead of being so unfairly and short-sightedly vilified, got the smallest crumb of research funding, compared to the astronomical sums allotted to pharmaceutical cartels, many patients would benefit.

My day would begin around 6am when I drank the morning mid-stream of my own urine (urea helps to protect the liver), took my first juice, followed by the first of three daily coffee enemas. I grew my own wheatgrass, which formed part of a daily requirement of 10 freshly prepared juices. Three times a day I ate a porridge bowl full of pills and capsules, knocked back with a witch’s brew of liquid supplements administered under the guidance of the physician, who understood the importance of not disturbing the balance of electrolytes when using high-dose supplements.

Every moment was taken up with preparing the next fresh juice, washing equipment, preparing and taking enemas, pills and potions along with daily saunas and hyperthermic baths which help the process of detoxification. Sacks of organic vegetables and fruit were organised in industrial quantities. A water purifier was installed. Supplements were ordered from around the world.

Friends came and went, filling the place with fresh flowers, making sure I wanted for nothing. ‘If anyone can do it, you can,’ they enthused. Often, they arrived at enema time, which with the help of a blanket and a half-open bathroom door I was able to perform discreetly while holding court, much to their amusement. But in the face of death, trivialities such as modesty are hardly a serious consideration.

One of the demands of a diagnosis of cancer is that everything must change. All activities inessential to survival stopped. Some days, overwhelmed, I crawled around the floor sobbing. At the same time, my monthly blood tests showed a steady improvement, as my cancer markers dropped.

One night, nauseated by a blinding headache, the process reached a crisis. Becoming progressively weaker, I lay down like a dying animal. Gaunt and hollow-eyed, I lost muscle mass rapidly. Physical anguish penetrated deep into my bones with every attempted movement, preventing me from sleeping, even though I was exhausted.

For the first time, I acknowledged the possibility of death. Yet deep down, I understood this heavy torpor to be nature’s way of imposing the long healing rest that was needed. In the end, I surrendered, trusting the process.

By December 2002, my legs had swollen and my belly grotesquely bloated with fluid pressed painfully up under my diaphragm, making it hard to breathe. My haemoglobin count had halved. Catching myself naked in the mirror I gasped in horror at the pestilential image that stared back, unrecognisable with its big belly, protruding ribs and skeletal limbs. Friends sat around, whispering in hushed tones.

Just when it seemed as if death had me checkmated, a miracle turned the tables and I began to recover. Before Christmas, I went to hospital, and a barrage of painful, scary, intrusive cameras, needles and probes explored every orifice. Then we waited for the results. No gift could have been more wonderful than the morning of Christmas Eve when the doctors telephoned to tell me that there was not a sign of cancer anywhere.

In January, the liver doctors diagnosed advanced cirrhosis due to long-term hepatitis C. Thinking of Muhammad Ali on the ropes during ‘the rumble in the jungle’, I continued with my regime. Sue Rose did everything. Carried sacks of carrots and apples up the stairs, prepared the juices, attended to every need. In many ways, it was harder for her than it was for me. She could only watch and help as best she could and while she put on a brave face in my company she spent much time crying when she was on her own. Nevertheless, she had complete faith in me, and only in rare moments did she doubt that I would make it.

There is no evidence to date of the return of cancer and my liver tests are normal. Happier than I have been for years, I cycle around London while friends tell me I look 10 years younger than I did before all this started. When it was obvious that I really was on the mend, Sue Rose collapsed, having held things together for so long.

There are other equally important factors in the process. I spend hours tending my garden, running my fingers through the soil. Watching its transformation has become a metaphor for my own recovery. Sitting down to play music, I soar with inspiration as my fingers run over the piano keys, the Bach Fugue, my early morning prayer of gratitude. I’m thankful for every God-given moment. Life is exhilarating and precious.

There is an irony in my recovery, however. Last year, in spite of opposition from 200 MPs and a million-strong petition, the Government passed the European Union Food Supplement Directive into UK law. This will effectively remove some 5,000 vitamin and mineral products from this country’s health-store shelves from August 2005. Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour MP, says he ‘sees the hand of the pharmaceutical industry at work’. For millions of us who choose to take supplements to maintain our health in the face of chemically drenched food crops, this is catastrophic.

For myself, having survived cancer through nutritional methods, it is a life-threatening disaster.

Tony Jackson lives in London where he works as a jazz musician and craniosacral practitioner.

Source:  Healing Cancer Naturally


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October 1, 2008 at 8:36 pm

Juicers: Which is Best for Healing?

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Green Star Juicer

Green Star Juicer

Okay, here’s the lowdown on juicers and why the two-stage juicers are better than the centrifigal juicers.  The problem with centrifigal juicers is two-fold.  (1) The centrifigal action of the machine causes the juice to heat up and to be thrown around quickly and violently  – destroying the enzymes and other valuable nutrients your body needs.  (2) In addition to heating up the juice, the centrifigal juicers actually leave a lot of nutrients in the pulp.  With the two-stage juicers, the pulp is pressed so every bit of of the nutrients is pressed into the juice.

So, what are the options?  Here’s what I found.  There are a lot of websites that recomment the Norwalk Juicer.  This is a two-stage juicer with a starting price of approximately $2,000.  This is an easy to operate juicer.  Many cancer patients have used the Norwalk Juicer with great success.  Now, before you start freaking out, Mom, that’s not the only option.  The website, “Healing Cancer Naturally” had this to say about juicers:

While Dr. Gerson’s conclusions may seem to impose the use of a grinding-plus-pressing type of juicer (such as the Norwalk) for more seriously ill cancer patients to properly heal, there are others such as cancer victor Bob Davis who do not recommend any specific juicer while observing that ‘often a juice fasting procedure is all that is needed for successfully treating cancer. …I have seen many people make complete recoveries from cancer by juicing alone’.

From my own research, the winner among juicers in the general category is the Green Star: it clearly appears to be the best juicer overall for health purposes – so much so that I purchased a Green Star myself and have made it the only product (apart from certain books) that I expressly endorse and highly recommend on this extensive site.”    Source:  Healing Cancer Naturally

Their website listed a source for the Green Star GS-1000 juicer for $399.  The retail for this juicer is $479.  Amazon sells it for $419.  This is a two-stage juicer, comes with a 5-year warranty, and the customer service (according to the customer reviews) is very good from the company.

Here’s the link from Discount Juicers for the Green Star GS-1000 Juicer.  This is the basic model and doesn’t incloude the coarse screen for juicing some fruit (like pear) that might be more pulpy.  It also doesn’t include a drip tray or a strainer.  You can decide for yourself if you need those three items.  I don’t think you need the drip tray or the strainer – but you might consider getting the course screen since you’re going to be juicing a lot of fruit.  The Green Star GS-2000 Juicer runs $419 and has those three things.  Amazon offers it for $439. 

I found another site ( that offers the Green Star GS-2000 for $365 (using coupon code: gs2000).  The price on their site says $439.  But, if you use the coupon code (which can be entered on the third screen in the check-out process), the price will go down to $365 — PLUS they offer FREE shipping!  Click here to order from

I read the reviews on the Green Star from many sites.  I found a lot of people who used the Green Star (and some who had even used the Norwalk and liked the Green Star better).  There were many testimonies of people who were successful using the Green Star juicer during their recovery from cancer.

Here’s a link where the various types of juicers are compared according to their features.  The Norwalk is listed, as is the JuiceMan.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the orage comparison chart.

Here is a review I found for the Green Star juicer:

This is the best juicer we have used and we have tried many. I had developed skin cancer and started using this juicer to juice 2 quarts of carrot and apple juice and 1 quart of leafy green vegetable juice, which I drink 8 oz. glasses of spread throughout the day. The cancer abated. The juicer is fantastic. It is quiet, easy to use and easy to clean. We highly recommend it. Even my children (8 years old and up) can use it safely. We also use it to juice wheatgrass, which almost no other juicer can effectively juice unless it is a wheatgrass juicer only. This machine crushes the food then presses it into a dry pulp squeezing nearly every drop of juice out of almost anything. It’s Great! If you need a juicer, this is the one. Nothing else comes close. We only wish it came in a solid stainless steel version.”  Steward Tnias – Colorado

Here is a testimonial from Shirley (the website owner of Shirley’s Wellness Cafe) about her husband’s victory over cancer using juicing:

“At the beginning of this year (1996), the doctor told my husband that he had cancer of the lung. He refused surgery/chemo, etc. Instead, I immediately began to treat my husband with raw vegetable juice and herbal remedies.  Over the months, doctors have continued to monitor my husband’s tumor with CAT scan and PET scan. The tumor has completely stopped growing and to this day my husband is doing fine.”     Source:  Raw Food and Juicing’s Amazing Power

This is the testimony from a minister who was diagnosed with colon cancer 17 years ago – but who beat it using juicing and other natural therapies.

“Shortly after being told that I had colon cancer seventeen years ago, on the advice of a friend, I switched overnight from a typical American diet of meat, dairy, sugar desserts and pizza… to an all-raw diet of fruits and vegetables, with one to two quarts of carrot juice daily. Immediately I started to get well, and within one year, every physical problem I had was gone!

All these years of personal experience and research have revealed that the fastest way to restore the body to wellness is through the use of raw vegetable juices! We have found that many digestive systems are not functioning well and the sicker the person, the more difficult it is to digest and assimilate the nutrients in raw vegetables, because they contain the pulp or fiber. But with the pulp or fiber removed, the nutrients can pass directly into the blood stream and within minutes are feeding the cells and restoring the immune system.

But here is where the problem begins. What kind of juicer. My research has revealed that there are only two basic types of juicers on the market today, although there are many different manufacturers. They are the centrifugal juicers (any juicer with a spinning basket) and the mastication juicers. Both types separate the juice from the fiber so that you can drink the pure juice. With the pulp or fiber removed, the nutrients do not have to go through the long and energy-consuming process of digestion… thus the nutrients can pass directly into the blood stream. It is almost like intravenous feeding! The most important thing to remember about juicing is that the very purpose of juicing is to remove the pulp or fiber so the nutrients can go to work immediately without going through the digestive process. Advantages in bypassing the digestive system are that this allows for very minimal loss of the nutrients before they reach our cells, and also this saves our body from expending energy for digestion. We need fiber in our food, but not in our juice.

So if we are going to purchase a juicer, should we buy a centrifugal or a mastication type juicer? At the Gerson Clinic in Mexico, they are healing the “incurables” (lung cancer, spreading melanoma, lymphoma, brain cancer, breast cancer, multiple sclerosis, lupus, migraines, etc.) through the use of freshly-extracted raw vegetable juices. These people at the Gerson Clinic are the most knowledgeable people I know to ask what kind of juicer works best. So what do they teach? They teach that only mastication-type juicers will do the job because centrifugal juicers leave most of the nutrients in the pulp, which then gets thrown away. ( I have seen a laboratory report where they ran five pounds of carrots through a centrifugal juicer and a mastication-type juicer, and the mastication-type juicer removed three to four times more nutrients than the centrifugal.) The mastication-type juicer leaves very few nutrients in the pulp. We recommend only mastication juicers.”    Rev. George Malkmus, Hallelujah Acres

Rev. George Malkmus has an article called “Why Juice?” that you can read too — that includes some interesting facts about why we should juice when we’re trying to heal our bodies of any infirmity.

Well, Mom, this is getting really long.  I have some other juicing stories.  But, I’ll create them as separate posts.

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September 6, 2008 at 6:18 am

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