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Cancer Patients Saved by Alternative Therapies are Forcing Doctors to Think Again.

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One year ago, John Scrymgeour appeared to be on his deathbed. The long-time Calgary business-man had all but lost a 10-year battle against prostate cancer. Conventional chemotherapy and radiation treatments had been tried, had ultimately failed, and the doctors had given up. For the first time in his life, Mr. Scrymgeour was an invalid, wheelchair-bound, barely able to move his legs and dependent on round-the-clock nursing. But in what many assumed were his dying weeks, Mr. Scrymgeour learned of a herbal tea dismissed as quackery by most oncologists. He began drinking it, and has been taking it twice a day for the past year. Today, at 79, Mr. Scrymgeour is out of the wheelchair and playing golf twice a week. Blood tests indicate his cancer cell-count is way down. He credits the tea, named Essiac, for his second chance at life.

Two years ago Gaetano Montani was diagnosed with small-cell lung cancer and given a life expectancy of just six months, even under aggressive conventional treatment. “We were told that this type of cancer was the most vigorous, and was inoperable,” says his wife, Carolyn. “My husband’s chance of survival was especially terrible–he had already suffered burns in a fire, two previous heart attacks, open-heart surgery, a stroke and gallbladder surgery.” But soon after, the Indiana couple’s youngest daughter brought home a box of Essiac. The cancer specialists more or less shrugged their shoulders, so Mr. Montani began drinking the tea. Like Mr. Scrymgeour, he kept right on drinking it. Soon after, says Mrs. Montani, his cancer was gone.

A random survey of Ontario breast cancer patients, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, found that 67% of respondents were using alternative medicine. Americans are estimated to be spending a staggering $27 billion per year on alternative cancer treatments. The alternatives include radical diet changes, green tea, a derivative of shark cartilage, and a host of herbal remedies. The two most credible alternatives appear to be Essiac and a compound known as 714X. Both, interestingly, were developed by Canadians, the first by a nurse in the 1920s, the second by an ostracized Quebec physician in the ’70s.

Many certified oncologists continue to be disturbed at the scarcity of methodologically rigorous studies of alternative remedies. But to cancer sufferers, these are merely pedantic objections. A major attraction is that the alternatives are far less physically harsh than the three conventional approaches–surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, which critics have dubbed the “slash, burn and poison trio.” When mixed with hope and desperation, plus the powerful testimonials of those who say they were cured, the alternatives have almost irresistible appeal.

Although these remedies exude a faint odour of mysticism, the people who take them seem to be sensible enough. Mr. Scrymgeour, for one, made his name in Alberta’s oil patch, an industry not without its own purveyors of false hopes and costly tricks. Several decades ago, he became an entrepreneurial legend, founding and running Westburne International Industries until 1986, later retiring to Bermuda and New York. He is also a major patron of Vancouver’s Fraser Institute, and a part owner of this magazine.

Mr. Scrymgeour’s comfortable retirement routine was brutally interrupted, however, with the news he had cancer. He found out on Valentine’s Day 1990, and it inspired in him an instant resolve: he was determined to beat it.

He was able to obtain the best of conventional treatment, and it did initially lower his count of PSA, prostate-specific antigen, the key measure of the activity of cancer cells in his body. But the cancer returned last year with a severity that convinced doctors Mr. Scrymgeour had little hope. In the 11th hour, a friend told him about a Canadian nurse who had reportedly healed thousands of ostensibly incurable cancer victims using four common herbs. Today, Mr. Scrymgeour’s PSA count is almost non-existent, and he is fully satisfied there is only one reason: his twice-daily dosage of Essiac tea.

Essiac users are now estimated to number in the thousands across North America. One user’s wife saved what she believed is physical proof of its effectiveness. Richard Schmidt was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 1985. The Torontonian had nine operations to excise tumours from his bladder. At one point, he was comatose, on life support and suffering a severe infection, pneumonia and kidney failure, all while requiring another tumour operation. In short, he was considered a near-hopeless case.

Mr. Schmidt’s wife Hannelore in desperation sought out a naturopath, who recommended Essiac. After three weeks of drinking the tea, black chunks of tumour and skin began passing with his urine. Mrs. Schmidt preserved 40 pieces in a formaldehyde-filled jar. Soon doctors could find no more cancer. Mr. Schmidt recovered to thoroughly enjoy his early 80s, gardening and puttering about the couple’s home. At 86 he suffered a stroke and passed away peacefully, cancer-free. “Essiac brought him many good, happy years,” recalls Mrs. Schmidt.

Source: Report Magazine


Written by Tracey

September 23, 2008 at 7:51 am

Essiac Healed Throat & Lung Cancer Patients

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In the fall of 1992, my mother, who lives in Ohio, was told that her throat and lung cancer had reached the point that she only had ninety days left to live. My sister and I began to help her straighten out her affairs. I heard about Essiac. I sent her some. She drank it for two months. On December 22, she went back to visit the doctor. He thought that she was coming in to say goodbye. When he checked her she was in total remission. I am a nurse, and I have kept her x-rays as proof of her recovery.

Ellen Broderick
Winter Springs, Florida

Our family was devastated when my mother-in-law, Myrna, informed us that she had been diagnosed with cancer. In her case, it was ovarian cancer that had spread to the lymph glands and then to her lungs. It was diagnosed as inoperable and the doctors told her to get her affairs in order. After a hysterectomy, they told her that she would have about six months to live. The tumours in her lungs were too numerous to remove. My sister asked if there was some nutritional approach that might slow down the progress of the disease. The doctor assured her that there was none. By chance, my father heard a radio program where Essiac was explained.

The remedy was so simple and straightforward that I knew my mother-in-law could take it. She took a little each night. We held our breaths. The doctor and our nurse cousin told us not to get our hopes up. Yet the weekly x-rays began indicating something they did not expect. Little by little the tumours in her lungs stabilized… and they began to diminish. The nursing staff at the doctor’s office reacted in awe as week after week the tumours began disappearing and her blood count return to normal.

A little more than a year after beginning Essiac, the doctor called to tell Myrna that she was an official miracle. Her charts showed no indication of cancer in any system. To date, five years later on, there has been no recurrence of cancer.

R. Kirkland

My friend was diagnosed with lung cancer. I took it upon myself to give him a book on Essiac. He returned the next day to tell me he was interested, and I set him up with a supply. They had planned on chemotherapy but first wanted to monitor the growth rate, which consisted of periodic x-rays. The first sets of x-rays showed such slow (almost negligible) growth that they waited for the second set to confirm the situation. After the second set of x-rays, the doctor told Bob that if he had had such success with chemotherapy, he (the doctor) would have been pleased to take the credit for such improvement.

We are both grateful to the people who keep an open mind and heart to give cancer patients hope for cure. I deeply believe Essiac has helped cure Bob, and I’m much more comfortable using it than making no effort to stay healthy systemically. If you would like to share this letter with anyone, you have our blessing.

Greg Krepala
292 Martin Court
Aptos CA 95003

Source: Campaign For Truth

Written by Tracey

September 23, 2008 at 7:20 am

Dr. Brusch’s Testimonial About Essiac Tea

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Many years have gone by since I first experienced the use of ESSIAC with my patients who were suffering from many varied forms of cancer.

I personally monitored the use of this old therapy along with Rene Caisse R.N., whose many successes were widely reported. Rene worked with me at my medical clinic in Cambridge, Massachusetts where, under the supervision of 18 of my medical doctors on staff, she proceeded with a series of treatments on terminal cancer patients and laboratory mice.

Together we refined and perfected her formula.
On mice it has been shown to cause a decided recession of the mass and a definite change in cell formation. Clinically, on patients suffering from pathologically proven cancer, it reduces pain and causes a recession in growth. Patients gained weight and showed a great improvement in their general health. Their elimination improved considerably and their appetite became whetted.

Remarkably beneficial results were obtained even on those cases at the “end of the road”, where it proved to prolong life and the “quality” of that life. In some cases, if the tumour didn’t disappear, it could be surgically removed after ESSIAC with less risk of metastases resulting in new outbreaks.

Haemorrhage has been rapidly brought under control in many difficult cases, open lesions of lip and breast respond to treatment, and patients with cancer of the stomach have returned to normal activity among many other remembered cases. Also, intestinal burns from radiation were healed and damage replaced, and it was found to greatly improve whatever the condition.

All the patient cases were diagnosed by reputable physicians and surgeons. I do know that I have witnessed in my clinic, and know of many other cases, where ESSIAC was the therapy used – a treatment which brings about restoration through destroying the tumour tissue and improving the mental outlook which re-establishes physiological function.

I endorse this therapy even today for I have in fact cured my own cancer, the original site of which was the lower bowel, through ESSIAC alone. My last complete examination, when I was examined throughout the intestinal tract while hospitalized (August, 1989) for a hernia problem, revealed no sign of malignancy. Medical documents validate this. I have taken ESSIAC every day since my diagnosis (1984) and my recent examination has given me a clear bill of health.

I remained a partner with Rene Caisse until her death in 1978 and was the only person who had her complete trust and to whom she confided her knowledge and “know-how” of what she named “ESSIAC.”

Others have imitated, but a minor success rate should never be accepted when the true therapy is available.

(Executed as a legal document).

Source: Campaign For Truth

Written by Tracey

September 23, 2008 at 7:17 am

I Beat Cancer With Herbs

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It is time for all the world to know that cancer can be beat.

I am Pam Walters and I am a cancer survivor. I will make this short and to the point. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the wing of the breast and one of the lymph nodes was positive. I refused conventional treatment of any kind. I truly believed that there was an alternative cure somewhere.

So, I prayed and let divine intervention lead me in whatever direction while affirming my healing. I found out about the Essiac Tea through and alternative cancer group . Bless that day… I am alive and healthy today, and that was three and a half years ago (early 1995) I became a vegetarian, did a parasite cleanse, took high antioxidants, and drank glasses of carrot juice daily. I changed the products I use on my body daily, and have become quite conscious about the air we breathe and the water we drink.

My message to all that will listen is that we have become too comfortable with automation and fast foods. The public mass needs to be educated in nutrition and the chemical warfare that invades our bodies on a daily basis. Essiac Tea can be taken by everyone as a preventative to the possibility of cancer. Essiac Tea is a blood and liver cleanser, as well as giving the immune system support.

Our nation needs to become aware that everyones’ immune system is in a weakened state. The answer is: Clean up our immune systems and make them strong again. We will then live on in a healthy state

Source: Long Island Press

Written by Tracey

September 23, 2008 at 7:08 am

Cancer Hope Reborn: A Personal Account

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Peggy Good was a goner two years ago. In the previous two years, surgeons performed a quadruple bypass to rescue an ailing heart. As if that wasn’t enough for a lifetime, there was this other matter of ovarian cancer, a tumor as big as a grapefruit. Surgeons went in again, removed some of the tumor, but left some behind. Too risky. Too close to the vital organs. That wasn’t the end of it. She developed diabetes and learned all about injecting insulin in her veins.Then she started chemotherapy. And she agonized. She had two months to a year to live, doctors told her.

After five sessions of chemo, Peggy, 70, couldn’t take any more of the chemo-misery and told doctors she preferred to die in peace. “I was not even human”, she says. “I was sick to my stomach, I had headaches, fevers, I was not eating. I was going downhill very fast in the five months I was taking chemo.”

So when Peggy heard about a woman in Vancouver that apparently had worked magic on terminal cancers victims, she was curious. She phoned the woman, Elaine Alexander, who said, “Try it, see if it helps!” The herbal tea, Peggy learned, was called “essiac.” She had nothing to lose, she reasoned, and obtained some.

Peggy is certain essiac saved her life– handed it back in better condition than she’d known for a long time. After six weeks of ingesting essiac , a frightening event took place in the middle of the night. “I’m wetting the bed,” she thought. She looked under the covers. Thick, greyish matter poured from her vagina, “It looked like scum, like pus,” she says. Over the next couple of weeks she excreted “awful stuff”.

Then death began to lose its grip. “It’s hard to explain to people, it’s too unreal,” she says. “I started to feel so good, I couldn’t believe anyone could feel so good. I felt better than I had in the last 10 to 15 years”. Joie de vivre returned.

When she returned to the BC Cancer Clinic for a scheduled examination, the doctor gave her a clean bill of health. Shocked, stunned, she fell silent. He too was silent. He repeated, “I’m giving you a clean bill of health.” Then he walked out. In the days that followed, she started having a reaction to the insulin injections and slowly went off the needle. “All I know is that I take nothing for diabetes now.” Six weeks after she started on essiac, she was turning sod on the first of three large flower beds.

Back when Peggy was sick, she confided to her husband that she wished t hey had bought a motorhome and done a bit of traveling. “You get out of this and I’ll get you a motorhome,”he told her. Two years later, they’ve logged thousands of kilometers in their four-wheeled home. She has signed up for guitar lessons and she drinks in the countryside on her long walks. Life is full of newfound meaning.

This isn’t where the story ends. Her husband Harold, now 71, has one to tell too. He had a prostate problem for years. Every night, he got up to urinate almost once an hour, a painful and exhausting ritual. Doctors advised him it wasn’t time “to do anything yet” about the condition. Harold started taking essiac last year.

Early one evening, exhausted, he went to bed. He got up later, went to the bathroom in a sleepwalk and went back to bed. Peggy was astonished to see what he left behind in the toilet bowl. A “bowl-full of pus”, as she describes it. She went to wake him, to tell him there was something wrong, but he was deep in sleep. That was his last nightly excursion to the bathroom.

By last February, Peggy, a personification of understatement, believed in miracles. She gave some of her essiac to an octogenarian neighbor. He had been give one month to live and members of his family had arrived from England to prepare for a funeral. Peggy and Harold motored off for a three week holiday.

When they returned, they saw the neighbor walking down the road, “full of jokes and smiling and laughing and carrying on”, says Peggy. His relative took some essiac back to England for a family member with lung cancer. “I understand she was to the point where she was bedridden and wouldn’t let anyone in the house. After two or three weeks, she got up and to bingo. The relatives are keeping me posted. I’m certainly a believer,” says Peggy. “I’m sure I would be dead without essiac. I was ready for bygones.”

Source: Shirley’s Wellness Cafe

Written by Tracey

September 23, 2008 at 6:56 am

Baseball-Sized Lung Cancer Shrunk With Essiac Tea

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[Note: This is a story on a website from another lung cancer survivor. He’s relationg the things that lead up to his decision to start with the Essiac tea himself. — Tracey]

I also learned the neighbor of my stepson had undergone 5 or 6 rounds of chemo for his lung cancer, but the chemo was not working and the tumor had grown to the size of a baseball and had spread to his liver and prostate.

He too was told he had only a few months to live. He began taking Essiac tea only a few weeks after I began, and he decided that if 2-3 ounces was the recommended dose, he would use 10-12 ounces at a time.

Within a few weeks his tumor had shrunk to the size of a marble and his doctors say he is in complete remission. I read many compelling cases which convinced me to add the essiac tea to my own arsenal against cancer.

Source: My Battle With Stage IV Lung Cancer

Written by Tracey

September 23, 2008 at 6:14 am

Essiac Tea Survival Story

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John Bradford is an 85 year old man who had lung cancer. The doctors wanted to operate on his lung and take out part of the lung infected by the cancer. He got someone to help him prepare the Essiac tea everyday – as he was quite ill when he started on it. [They don’t say how long he drank it – so I really don’t know. – Tracey]

When he went back to his oncologist for a scan, they found that his lungs were clear. The doctor could not figure out what had happened. John did not tell his doctor about the Essiac tea. He had no operation, no chemo therapy, no radiation. He only did the Essiac tea, a good multi-vitamin, added some exercise to his routine, changed his diet, eliminated all glucose, ate cancer-fighting foods (cruciferious veggies, etc.), took fish oil, got plenty of fresh air, and increased his intake of water.

He did not have to go on the list of medication that most people do when they survive cancer and take chemo therapy and radiation. He also never has to experience the kinds of side effects he could have later in life from taking chemo therapy and radiation.

He still drinks the tea every so often to help keep his body cleansed and to help keep the cancer from coming back.

Source: Battling Cancer War

Written by Tracey

September 23, 2008 at 5:54 am