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Update on Mom – 1/25/09

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Well, I think we’ve come through the valley and are coming out on the other side.  I just got back from the hospital and Mom is doing just great.

When I go there yesterday morning around 9:15 AM, they had just removed the ventilator tube and she was breathing on her own again.  She was very alert and said she was hungry.  So, the nurses said we could order up some food for her from the hospital kitchen.

Trying to eat a proper “cancer diet” in the hospital has been difficult in the past, but with Barrow Neurological Institute they allow you to order what you want from a menu.  So, Mom has been getting lots of fruits and veggies and some chicken and fish too.  She hadn’t been eating much meat, but since it’s a little too difficult for us to try to make protein shakes for her in the intensive care unit, we decided to just go with a little chicken and fish.

Mom ate a good lunch and dinner last night.  I think that made a world of difference for her.  Plus, Dad had cut up some organic pears and some organic veggies and brought them for her from home.  She gobbled those up while waiting for lunch yesterday.

She was slightly anaemic yesterday afternoon, so the doctor ordered two units of blood and she received those during the afternoon and evening yesterday.  Her color did “pink up” a little bit after that.

Her nurses have been the best we’ve ever had.  They are all so caring and nice to Mom (and to the rest of us too).

Mom had a great night’s sleep last night.  She took little cat naps throughout the day yesterday, and then slept for six hours straight last night.  That might not seem like a big deal – but getting a stretch of sleep that long in the hospital can really be a miracle.

She wasn’t aggitated at all during the night and she slept like a baby until 6:00 AM this morning when one of the doctors came in to do a neurological evaluation of her.  She passed with flying colors.

She’s been in good spirits all day today.  The doctors are a little concerned about the platelets in her blood and are changing her anti-seizure medicine to see if that will correct the problem.

She’s slated to be moved out of the Neuro ICU and into a regular room later today – that is if the doctor feels that the platelet issue is resolved.

At this point, we’re going to believe that Mom is going to be right on schedule for her Gamma Knife treatment next Thursday – so she can be home in time for the Cardinal’s SUPERBOWL game!!  Go Cardinals!

I’m going back to the hospital tomorrow – so, I’ll post a new update when I get home.


Written by Tracey

January 25, 2009 at 5:55 pm

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  1. Well Stacey I will try this again, I am so glad Moms doing better I had sent you a reply but it said error so Tell Mom Judie said to close her eyes and smell the Roses… she will know what I mean. And we are all Praying for her. We are survivers and we choose Life……With the Lord holding on to our hand. Just tell her I love her and will see her again some day. Tell Dad we have him covered also ….


    January 26, 2009 at 10:01 pm

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