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My Husband’s Full Recovery From Lung Tumor Without Drugs, Radiation or Surgery

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by Shirley Lipschutz-Robinson

In 1996 my husband’s routine physical checkup at the VA hospital (veteran
administration) revealed a tumor in one of his lung. The doctors wanted to
perform a biopsy immediately to find out if the growth was malignant and
they were already talking about radiation and chemo “therapy”. From past
experience and knowledge, I knew that this was not the answer. These so
called “therapies” provide no hope for real cure. Biopsies are very
traumatic to the body and chemo/radiation are well known to destroy the
immune system.

Instead, I immediately began to treat my husband (Chuck) with Homeopathy,
raw vegetable juice, flaxseed oil, herbal formula in tincture/extract form
such as the Essiac formula, the Hoxsey formula, and Cat’s Claw extract.
(more info on natural cancer cure:

Since 1996 doctors have continued to monitor Chuck’s tumor with their CAT
scan and PET scan. The tests revealed that a small mass still remains in
his lung, but the doctors aren’t concerned about it because the tumor has
completely stopped growing and Chuck experiences none of the usual symptoms
associated with lung cancer. To this day he remains healthy and well.

Source:  CureZone


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