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Natural Cancer Cure for Colon Cancer

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by:  Robert Pasquill

Causes OF Cancer – My Personal Case

 robertpasquilI grew up in a suburb of Manchester UK and at the age of 15 year received my first job in a paint factory as a Chemical Technician.  My job unfortunately involved contact with solvents which my later cancer research cure indicated are cancer causing agents.

At 20 years of age I left this job and became a Postman – My later research brought to my attention that postman rarely get cancer because they are out in the fresh air a lot and of course they get plenty of walking exercises which moves and juggles the colon along thus making sure they go to the bathroom on a regular basis.

This along with the Vitamin D 3 which  a postman will get from the natural sunshine is an excellent  for colon cancer prevention and rectal cancer.  However in my case, due to my contact with solvents and no doubt my bad childhood diet, I was beginning to experience extreme tiredness and digestive difficulties – Being an avid coffee drinker did not help as unknowingly I was acidifying my bodily system!

I then moved to Ulverston, a Beautiful Lake District Town where Stan Laurel of Laurel and Hardy fame was born.  I had my own Window Cleaning Business which I found exhausting and soon I noticed I was developing fungal infections – A sure sign of a depressed Immune System.

Causes of Cancer – Diet, Stress And …
Vitamin D 3 Deficiency

Later I moved to Germany with my unknown impaired immune system and experienced tremendous stress trying to make a living in that country.  This along with the German fatty diet of  sausages, various meats, plenty of beer and volumes of strong German Tchibo coffee resulted in the first signs of tumor growth.  I felt it in my rectum and it was painful!

But like a typical man I ignored these  cancer symptoms and after 5 years left Germany to go and live in sunny Botswana where I would obtain a more stress free life and plenty of natural Vitamin D 3.  But it was here in Botswana that I experience very extreme tiredness and listlessness as the tumour growth grew in size and fed on my redirected blood stream like a vampire sucking the energy out of me.

 My bodies natural energy cycle know as the Krebs cycle for producing ATP for energy  was getting blown away.  Finally the tumor burst and blood  poured out of my rectum – I will spare you the details!

I still did not seek out any therapy since I had no kind of cancer awareness – Talk about being a typical man!  I eventually went back to the UK and dragged myself around for 3 years.  I then began to notice in the British newspapers and  magazines lots of articles containing warnings regarding various symptoms to look out for with regards to Colorectal Cancer.

Fearful of these cancer symptoms which I now recognised, I eventually went to a doctor who said I was too young to have such a problem – But I insisted that he should check me out even if it meant the embarrassing procedure of having a fingered glove shoved into my rectum.  The doctors face turned ashen in colour – So I knew what it meant.

A further check up and scan at the local hospital where a 30 year old female consultant almost broke down as she revealed to me the bad news – Confirmed my suspicions that I had cancer of the rectum and a tumour larger than an apple was in the bend of the rectum, thus making it difficult for a surgeon to gain access..

No Chemo Treatments No Radiotherapy 

A Scottish surgeon did a spectacular job of removing the tumor and later reconnecting my rectum – But the suffering I went through for the next 5 years as I tried to recover from the surgery is something I cannot describe.
In the process I lost my family and home which was owned by my father in law – So I had to move out.  My cancer returned and Chemotherapy was recommended, however by this time I had returned to Manchester where my new doctor decided despite the recommendation of my previous consultant, it would be better if I was just left to go home and die a dignified death.

She did not want me to go through any further additional suffering by having Chemo Treatments. In my case this was providential!

Natural Cancer Cure And Cancer prevention

While in this state I went to a local library and book store and read up everything I could on Cancer, Nutrition and Alternative Cancer Treatments and Natural Cures For Cancer.  I learned about the  principle of the Acid/Alkaline Balance and the effect of diet and stress on this balance, the role which the Emotional States play in a weakened immune system and much more.

Cancer Clinical Trials

As a result of applying what I learned I am alive and well now after 8 years.
Recently the British NHS contacted me for the first time in 8 years to ask if I could take part in Cancer Clinical Trials for the sake of future generations due to my unexpected survival.  By monitoring me and asking question they hope to save others.

This now bring me to my main recommendation for you my dear reader.  I came across a book which not only contains everything I discovered in my personal search for a cancer cure but also around 70% additional material which I have never come across in my extensive research.

The book is:  Cancer: Step Outside the Box by Ty Bollinger

Even if you have only 2 months to live – This book will give you hope of reversing the claimed outcome.

Source:  A Sunburst


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  1. This is an interesting testimony to say the least. I was surprised he waited so long to see a doctor due to his serious condition! Anyway, he mentioned a book at the end called, “Cancer: Step Outside the Box” by Ty Bollinger. I’ve never heard of this book either.

    Maybe it would be a good idea to have an area of this blog to list books so people could order them. What do you think?



    November 14, 2008 at 3:27 pm

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