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Breast Cancer Survivor Who Rejected All Conventional Treatments

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marylaredoThis was written by:  Mary Laredo  (an artist, educator and gallery curator who lives and works in Detroit, MI.  A breast cancer survivor, she is currently writing a book about her experience with natural therapies and nutritional healing.)

I’m interested in writing about nutrition and natural healing, including diet; cleansing; supplements; phytonutrients; water; meditation; affirmations; exercise and all aspects of healing mind, body and spirit. My knowledge comes from five years of ongoing research into alternative medicine and my own healing experience.

I am a breast cancer survivor. Originally diagnosed in 2002, I rejected all conventional treatments and instead opted for alternative therapies which I researched myself. For 3+ years I was cancer-free while remaining diligent to my protocol. Gradually, I returned to old habits and bad dietary choices until 19 months ago when I was diagnosed with a stage-4 metastasized recurrence of breast cancer. I learned the hard way that I had to make life-long changes for optimum health and healing.

After returning to alternative therapies and becoming more aggressive about my research I again rejected chemo and radiation. I also went to a hospital in Mexico for natural treatments, and within three months the cancer stopped spreading. I’ve been stable for nearly a year. I’m being monitored by my oncologist and all tests and lab reports continue to show steady healing and withdrawal of the cancer.

I have no limitations, physical or otherwise, due to the cancer. My health is excellent – in fact robust – in every other way. I’m routinely asked for information about my self-designed protocol and am gratified when I’m able to help others. I’d like to spread the word that cancer is not a death sentence, and that it’s possible to live and thrive with it as the body heals itself. I’d also like to remove some of the stigma associated with cancer. To that end I’ve been writing a book about my experiences and healing regimen. Portions will periodically be posted here.

First Update to this story:

On January 16, 2008 I received the good news that my tumor marker is now within normal range. This wonderful news may mean that I’m in remission, although my open-minded oncologist – who has been monitoring me even though I’m receiving no orthodox treatments whatsoever – hesitates to make that declaration just yet because I still have skin nodules on my upper body. In two weeks I’ll receive a P.E.T.-scan to determine whether or not these nodules contain active cancer or just dead cells. I suspect the latter. If they’re made of dead cells my body will do its job of gradually digesting and eliminating them, which I believe is already taking place. I’ve been on this long road for 5 1/2 years and finally I can see not just a glimmer of light – it’s more like a beacon – leading me out and onto the next leg of my journey.

Second Update (October 17, 2008):

I recently had my annual thermascan and I’m happy to report that the results are normal! (There’s always just the slightest bit of trepidation awaiting test results, but that will pass as I get further and further away from the cancer). This recent good report corresponds with my normal “tumor marker” blood tests and PETscans from a couple of months ago that showed no traces of cancer.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the technology, thermography is a safe, non-toxic, non-invasive, and reliable alternative to mammography. Although it’s been around since the 1960s, sadly there are still too many women who are completely unaware of it.

The reasons for this are mostly political, with doctors pushing what they know and parrotting what they’re told – that mammograms are the most reliable detection method available. This propoganda and misinformation spewed by the Cancer Industry is unfair and unethical at best.

Women should be informed of ALL detection options, and I will do my part to spread the word in an effort to reach as many sisters as possible about thermography. Basically, it detects heat emissions from the chest and underarm areas using an infrared camera. Abnormalites in breast tissue (and surrounding areas) emit more heat than healthy tissue, and the differences are easily detected by thermography.

If you want to become more informed read my report on thermography and help spread the word. We most certainly do have options and we deserve to know the truth!

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Source:  Mary Laredo’s Blogspot Blog


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