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The Budwig Protocol

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This recipe was an important part of the Budwig Protocol, which, according to many, has been used to treat & prevent a number of diseases including cancer, diabetes and heart disease. In the United States, the law forbids anyone from claiming that something that is classified as a “food” can treat, cure, diagnose or prevent anything; even if it works, it does not matter, while those types of claims may be made about a pharmaceutical drug, they may not be made about a food. Obviously flax oil and cottage cheese are foods, therefore the information on this website is to be used for informational and educational purposes only. It is in no way intended to be interpreted as medical advice.

Dr. Johanna Budwig, one of Germany’s top biochemists, who was nominated for the nobel prize (seven times) for her work, discovered that people with these kinds of diseases also had a deficiency of certain essential fatty acids. Your body must have these EFAs in order to maintain good health, but it cannot manufacture them on it’s own, therefore you MUST get them from your food. Unfortunately the typical American diet provides very little Omega 3 and usually provides too much Omega 6. The proper balance is very important.

Dr. Budwig sucessfully treated thousands of patients with her protocol which included the flax oil cottage cheese recipe as well as freshly juiced fruits & vegetables; and she forbid other food items such as sugar, meat, animal fat, margarine, butter, and a few more. The Budwig Protocol can be found in Dr. Budwig’s book “The Oil Protein Diet Cookbook.” This diet is also known as “The Anti-Cancer Diet.”

Her success rate was incredible. Many of her patients, terminally ill with cancer, had basically been sent home to die. But by following the Budwig protocol, 90% of them fully regained their health.  She stated that the other 10% had likely received too much damage from the traditional medical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation, which she strongly opposed.

Why did this protocol work so well?  Actually it’s all VERY scientific.

Flax seed oil is one of the best sources of Omega 3. Cottage cheese is a good source of a sulferic based protein (needed to make the flax oil water soluable and easy for your body to assimilate). This mixture causes a chemical reaction to occur in the body which oxigenates the cells. According to Dr. Budwig cancer cannot live in an oxigenated environment. In fact, she recommended the recipe to be taken daily to help prevent many diseases. For the terminally ill patients, she treated them with 3 to 6 servings per day.

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