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Lung Cancer Survivor: I Only Relied On Tian Xian Liquid

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April 23, 1998 – Century Park Sheraton Hotel, Manila Philippines (Translated from Chinese)

“Good Day to Everyone. Today, I am here to share on how the Tian Xian Liquid cured my cancer. First things first, I would like to make known that I don`t have any relation with Professor Wang Zhen Guo (Inventor of Tian Xian Products) nor Mr. Manuel Kiok (General Manager of Green & Gold International Exports).

I would also like to say that it is not Professor Wang nor Mr. Kiok who asked me to share. In fact, I volunteered myself. My primary motive in testifying here today is to hear the lecture of Wang Zhen Guo on Cancer. Secondly, I wish to personally thank Professor Wang Zhen Guo for his invention (China No. 1 Tian Xian Liquid) which cured my cancer disease.

Let me tell you how I was able to come to speak before you today. Sometime ago, I saw an advertisment of the Tian Xian Liquid and the Anti-Cancer Seminar (April 23, 1998) in a Chinese newspaper. I decided to call up the office of the distributor (Green & Gold International Exports). I was able to talk to Mr. Kiok personally. Eventually, I told him that I was cured of cancer 7 years ago due to my intake of the Tian Xian Liquid. I said I could share my testimony on the lecture day provided that my transportation should be met.

Before I continue, I would like to testify that I wasn`t able to undergo any surgery, chemotheraphy, cobalt therapy or any other solution/medicine due to the position of the cancer (near my heart).  I was left with no option but to depend on Chinese herbal medicine. (China No. 1 Tian Xian Liquid)  Please see note below.

Last June 1991, there were nights while I was sleeping that I would cough very hard, and throw up phlegm. Like normal procedure, I took common western & chinese herbal medicines to cure my simple disease.

But, this did not solve the problem. I then consulted a physician named Doctor Ang. He`s an old doctor and thus, have a lot of experience. After taking an X-RAY (Figure 1), the doctor noted a slight enlargement near my left lung as compared to a normal X-RAY (Figure 2). “This is a very suspicious area, you`ll have to go get a CT-SCAN.”, the doctor suggested. I hesitated to have my CT-SCAN and just asked the doctor to prescribe some medicine. He prescribed some antibiotics, but unfortunately, it didn`t work. I visited him again, and he gave me another similar set of antibiotics, only the name have been changed. But still, nothing worked. 

By November, I already have a fever.  After realizing that the medicine have no effect. I went to see another doctor, coincidentally, his name is Doctor Ang. The second doctor was older than the first and was very popular during the 1950`s. After showing my previous X-RAY to the second doctor, he also gave me the same explanation and prescription. The medicine didn`t work out again. The second time I went back to the doctor, he prescribed me a new set of antibiotics. This time around, the medicine didn`t conform with my body and hence, I lost 8 pounds.

I took the medicine from November 11 to December 10, 1991. But, my fever worsen, my phlegm already contained blood, and my cough worsen. So, I went out to look for another doctor in a big hospital. This time around, the doctor (although named Doctor Ang again) was a young doctor. On December 10, 1991, the third doctor advised me to have another X-RAY and CT-SCAN. Two days later, I saw the result (Refer to Figure 3). The result was worse. The doctor didn`t even believe that the man to whom the X-RAY belonged to was still alive.

X-RAY CONSULTATION REPORT :  Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center.  Case No. 360114.  Name : Sing Kio.   Referred by : Dr. R. Ngo.  Date : 12-10-91.  Clinical Data : CHEST.  Compared with the previous examination taken outside dated 11-11-91 shows interval progression of the atelectasis and infiltrates in the left lung base.  The right lung is clear.  Heart is not enlarged.  Diaphragm is intact.  IMPRESSION: Atelectasis and pneumonia infiltrates, left lung base showing interval progression.  Possibility of this being secondary to hilar compression cannot be ruled out.  
By: E. Dy M.D. (Radiologist)

The doctor said that the tumor is way too close to the heart. Hence, surgery, chemotheraphy, cobalt therapy is not possible even if the tumor was benign or malignant. To me, it was more of like a death sentence.

The CT-SCAN results (Refer to Figure 4 & 5) showed that the tumor was 9.4 cm X 6.4 cm. On that same day, the doctor didn`t want to prescribe any medicine and advised me to consult a TEMT specialist to find out if there is something wrong with my throat. Result showed that there is an inflammation in my esophagus. The TEMT specialist recommended to perform a surgery within three days. I hesitated because I think there was nothing wrong with my throat (I had voice, I can eat, etc Figure 4. CT-SCAN. & Figure 5. CT-SCAN.
CT-SCAN details: Chinese General Hospital & Medical Center, Section of Computed Tomography. Name: Sing Kio. Age: 58. CT No.: 91-1870.  Referred by: Dr. R. Ngo. Date: 12-20-91.

Consultation Report: C.T. SCAN OF THE CHEST.  Contrast study of the chest shows a huge pulmonary mass in the left lower lobe measuring 9.4 X 6.4 cm.  This is attached to the hilum and pleura.  Nodular densities are seen in the hilum.  Acinar infiltrates are noted in the left upper lobe.  Fibrotic densities are seen in both apices.  The heart is lightly enlarged.  No lytic changes demonstrated. IMPRESSION:  Pulmonary mass, left lower lobe, malignancy is highly considered.  Attachment to the hilum and pleura is demonstrated.  Left hilar lymphadenopathy.  Fibrosis, both apices. 
By: Cesar S. Co. M.D.

After that, the doctor advised to me to go back after 2 days to withdraw and analyze some liquids from my backbone. I went back and the doctor withdrew some liquid from my backbone using a large needle. Result showed that I was cancer negative. The doctor thought that he didn`t place the needle at the correct location, thus, he tried again with a second needle. Result also showed that I didn`t have cancer. He immediately congratulated me because according to his findings, I didn`t have cancer. To further confirm his findings, he suggested that a tube should be inserted through my nose to pull out some more liquids. I refused to do so. Still, the doctor doesn`t want to prescribe any medicine because the disease was still unknown.

I went to look for another doctor. His name is Dr. Tan. He also said the same thing as what Doctor Ang claimed since they got the same education. He asked me to go to a Filipino hospital to withdraw some more liquids.

I went to the Filipino hospital. He inserted a tube to my mouth for five times and pulled out some more liquids from my lungs for analysis.

After three days, it was found out that I had malignant tumor. The doctor said that I can`t be operated on, nor use chemotherapy nor cobalt therapy since it was near my heart. Thus, I don`t have any other alternative except to take Chinese medicine.

Figure 6.  My X-RAY after taking the Tian Xian Liquid for approx 1.5 months. February 15, 1992

X-RAY CONSULTATION REPORT:  Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center.  Case No.: 360114.  Name: Sing Kio.  Referred by: Dr. R. Ngo.  Date: 2-15-92.  Clinical Data: CHEST.  Compared with the previous examination dated 12-10-91 shows marked interval decrease in the size of the atelectatic segment previously noted along the left paracardiacarea. The rest of the lungs remain clear except for some pulmonary scarring in the left apex. The heart is not enlarged. Costrophrenic angles are well-defined.  By: T.U. Pastrana M.D. (Radiologist)

At that time, someone recommended the use of some basic Chinese medicine. Nothing changed in 20 days. Someone then recommended Tian Xian Liquid. After taking Tian Xian Liquid from January 10 to the end of February 1992 (approximately a month and a half), I had another X-RAY (Refer to Figure 6). The doctor said that the results was much better than the previous one (Refer to Figure 3), but still, this was a serious condition. My fever and cough improved, and vanished eventually.

Figure 7.  Result of my continuous intake of Tian Xian Liquid. June 29, 1992

Analysis of X-RAY:  Name : Sing Kio.   Age: 58.  X-Ray No.: 5619.  Date: 6-29-92. 
Examination: CHEST.  Examination of the chest shows the heart to be normal in size.  The aorta is slightly dilated.  Blunting of the left costophrenic sulcus is noted.  Apical pleural thickening is noted on the right.   Minimal fibrosis is noted in both upper lung fields, more on the right.  The finding appears to be inactive Koch`s lesion.  Comparison with previous study will be of help.  Minimal fibrosis is also seen at the left base and could be due to residual change from previous pneumonia.
Summary: Examination of the chest shows minimal scar, both upper lung fields, appears to be inactive Koch`s lesion.  Minimal fibrosis at the left base is also noted.
By: Lorna S. Yiu Yap, M.D.  Diplomate, American Board of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine.  645 Condesa Street, Binondo, Manila.

Along with Tian Xian Liquid, I also take fruit and vegetable juices (half slice carrots, apple, one third of a cucumber, long celery, 2-3 leaves of lettuce, sugar beet). After extracting the juices, I drank 3 glasses per day. I continued to take the Tian Xian Liquid until June (1992) before I had another X-RAY. My fever and cough got better. I took another X-RAY(Figure 7) showed that there was nothing wrong with me. I took the X-RAY on a commercial firm, not in the hospital. My tumor has vanished. The doctor said that it looked like a dry scar of tuberculosis. Then, I stopped taking the Tian Xian Liquid until now.

Figure 8.  No Problem!  March 9, 1998

Sonographic/Radiographic Report:  ACCUVISION DIAGNOSTIC CENTER, INC.  Name: Sing Kio.  Date: 03/09/1998.   File No.: 980645.  Sonographic/Radiographic Report: Chest X-Ray : Fibrohazed infiltrates noted in both upper lung fields.  Rest of the lungs are clear.  Hear and the rest of the chest findings are unremarkable.  Impression: MINIMAL : PTB. BOTH UPPER LOBES, ACTIVITY UNDETERMINED.
By: Ma. Teresa D. Fontillas. M.D.

Last month (March 1998), I took another X-RAY (Refer to Figure 8). The X-RAY further confirmed that there is nothing wrong with me.

Recently, I have been diagnosed with colon cancer. So, in April 1998, I started taking up the Tian Xian Liquid again. The doctor advised me to undergo operation for my colon cancer. I refused and wanted to rely only on the Tian Xian Liquid. I hope by next year, I could be here again and testify to the wonders of Tian Xian Liquid. My contact number is with Mr. Manuel Kiok. Should you be interested to get any help or any comment, please don`t hesitate to contact me.


Aside from the Tian Xian Liquid, I also used my very own secret medicine. This medicine can`t be bought anywhere. You can`t ask your friends to look for it. We need to depend on ourself in order to use this secret medicine. I know everybody is interested to know my secret medicine.  1. Strong determination, 2. Courageous spirit, 3. Optimistic, 4. Don`t worry too much, 5. Don`t be afraid.

This secret that you`ve heard is very easy for some of you. But it is hard to apply it in the lives of the cancer patients. We know that in our environment, we have a lot of viruses. But thankfully, our body has antibodies which deals with these viruses. When we are healthy, our antibodies are strong, thus virus can`t enter our body. But, when we have a lot of work, or we are over-tense, fatigue, stress-out, our antibody will get low, thus our body is vulnerable to viruses.

Thus, if a cancer patient is not tense and not nervous, he`ll be able to maintain his antibodies. Afterwards, when we drink the medicine, the antibodies will be able to work together with the medicine. On the other hand, if a cancer patientt is tensed, scared or afraid, he`ll be weak and the medicine won`t have any effect on him. This is the primary reason on why some of the cancer patients doesn`t get cured by the Tian Xian Liquid.

Source: Tian Xian Website

[Tracey’s Note:  This is a Chinese herb formula.  The company makes several different ones and the one for lung cancer is Formula #5.  Here’s what it says about this formula:

This product is mainly composed of anti-cancer Chinese medicine acting on lung, trachea, bronchus, larynx, nasopharynx, etc. and applied for tumor of respiratory system. The prescription strengthen the body resistance to eliminate pathogenic factors. Radix Astragali seu Hedysari can improve the immune function of the body. Other medicine directly kill or repress cancer cell of respiratory system so as to attain the goal of eliminating tumor of respiratory system rapidly. Besides, since it can pass through blood-brain barrier, this product has obvious effect on cerebroma. Rhizoma Arisaematis can eliminate dampness and eliminate phlegm and stimulate gastric mucus, so that cause oppositely the increase of secretion of bronchus to remove the phlegm. The water extract from Rhizoma Arisaematis can inhibit cancer cell and has special effect on treating respiratory system’s tumor in clinic. It also has very good effect on cerebroma. Herba Houttuyniawe is used to treat cancer of lung, nasopharyngeal carcinoma and bronchogenic carcinoma, etc. It has the ability of clearing away heat and toxiz material to patients with final stage cancer of lung and infection. It can obviously improve syndromes of patients. It can also be used to treat carcinoma hydrothorax.

This product mainly treat cancer of lung, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, bronchogenic carcinoma, laryngocarcinoma, cerebroma, oral cancer, tumor of pleura and carcinous hydrothorax, etc

Application and Dosage

Oral administration, 3-6 pills each time, 3 times daily, to be taken with lukewarm boiled water after meals.]


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