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Essiac Tea Survival Story

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John Bradford is an 85 year old man who had lung cancer. The doctors wanted to operate on his lung and take out part of the lung infected by the cancer. He got someone to help him prepare the Essiac tea everyday – as he was quite ill when he started on it. [They don’t say how long he drank it – so I really don’t know. – Tracey]

When he went back to his oncologist for a scan, they found that his lungs were clear. The doctor could not figure out what had happened. John did not tell his doctor about the Essiac tea. He had no operation, no chemo therapy, no radiation. He only did the Essiac tea, a good multi-vitamin, added some exercise to his routine, changed his diet, eliminated all glucose, ate cancer-fighting foods (cruciferious veggies, etc.), took fish oil, got plenty of fresh air, and increased his intake of water.

He did not have to go on the list of medication that most people do when they survive cancer and take chemo therapy and radiation. He also never has to experience the kinds of side effects he could have later in life from taking chemo therapy and radiation.

He still drinks the tea every so often to help keep his body cleansed and to help keep the cancer from coming back.

Source: Battling Cancer War


Written by Tracey

September 23, 2008 at 5:54 am

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