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Essiac Healed Throat & Lung Cancer Patients

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In the fall of 1992, my mother, who lives in Ohio, was told that her throat and lung cancer had reached the point that she only had ninety days left to live. My sister and I began to help her straighten out her affairs. I heard about Essiac. I sent her some. She drank it for two months. On December 22, she went back to visit the doctor. He thought that she was coming in to say goodbye. When he checked her she was in total remission. I am a nurse, and I have kept her x-rays as proof of her recovery.

Ellen Broderick
Winter Springs, Florida

Our family was devastated when my mother-in-law, Myrna, informed us that she had been diagnosed with cancer. In her case, it was ovarian cancer that had spread to the lymph glands and then to her lungs. It was diagnosed as inoperable and the doctors told her to get her affairs in order. After a hysterectomy, they told her that she would have about six months to live. The tumours in her lungs were too numerous to remove. My sister asked if there was some nutritional approach that might slow down the progress of the disease. The doctor assured her that there was none. By chance, my father heard a radio program where Essiac was explained.

The remedy was so simple and straightforward that I knew my mother-in-law could take it. She took a little each night. We held our breaths. The doctor and our nurse cousin told us not to get our hopes up. Yet the weekly x-rays began indicating something they did not expect. Little by little the tumours in her lungs stabilizedā€¦ and they began to diminish. The nursing staff at the doctor’s office reacted in awe as week after week the tumours began disappearing and her blood count return to normal.

A little more than a year after beginning Essiac, the doctor called to tell Myrna that she was an official miracle. Her charts showed no indication of cancer in any system. To date, five years later on, there has been no recurrence of cancer.

R. Kirkland

My friend was diagnosed with lung cancer. I took it upon myself to give him a book on Essiac. He returned the next day to tell me he was interested, and I set him up with a supply. They had planned on chemotherapy but first wanted to monitor the growth rate, which consisted of periodic x-rays. The first sets of x-rays showed such slow (almost negligible) growth that they waited for the second set to confirm the situation. After the second set of x-rays, the doctor told Bob that if he had had such success with chemotherapy, he (the doctor) would have been pleased to take the credit for such improvement.

We are both grateful to the people who keep an open mind and heart to give cancer patients hope for cure. I deeply believe Essiac has helped cure Bob, and I’m much more comfortable using it than making no effort to stay healthy systemically. If you would like to share this letter with anyone, you have our blessing.

Greg Krepala
292 Martin Court
Aptos CA 95003

Source: Campaign For Truth


Written by Tracey

September 23, 2008 at 7:20 am

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