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Brain Tumor Shrinks Through Positive Life Changes

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A friend of my husbands, a music producer for movies, was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was expected to live for no longer that 6 months.

He decided that he just didn’t want to “go” that soon! And decided to take a good look at his life, his body, his lifestyle and diet.

Every morning, he’d be sitting in his car for about 1 hour or 1½ hour, commuting into LA to work. He’d have breakfast on-the-way: black coffee and a donut or two…for example. Totally unhealthy breakfast without any presence to the breakfast he was taking in either…Everything he ate was a mixture of junk food of greasy fatty foods, washed down with various sodas of beer. Not much intake of straight pure water at all. He also smoked.

Well, this man saw a Macrobiotic counselor in LA. And she gave him a food-regimen to follow after having diagnosed him in the far-eastern way of reading a persons health and needs.

He did this – changed his diet and way of living dramatically. Embraced life, spent more time with his children (NOT just playing computer games of watched movies with them) and the tumor began to shrink AND shrink.

The doctors said it was impossible what was happening. Couldn’t understand it. The tumor fully disappeared within a year and the friend still lives! And now he REALLY lives.

Source: Positive News


Written by Tracey

September 23, 2008 at 8:47 am

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