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Stage IIIb non-small cell Lung Cancer Patient in Remission

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Do the Happy Dance!

Do the Happy Dance!

Dr. Gonzalez worked with a man (Mr. FV) who was 63 years of age.  When playing tennis one day he became short of breath and was taken to the ER.  A chest x-ray was performed and he was diagnosed with Stage IIIb lung cancer – having several tumors in his left lung.

He consulted with many oncologists — one wanted to pursue aggressive treatment and remove his left lung and a portion of his diaphragm.  However, the majority of doctors he consulted suggested a less aggressive approach with three courses of chemotherapy.

In September 2002 FV began a four-cycle course of Gemzar and carboplatin chemotheraphy drugs.  After he completed his last treatment in November 2002, a CT scan revealed no reduction in any of the tumors – and some slight worsening in the largest tumor, despite the chemotherapy.

Since the disease was progressing (despite the chemotherapy), FV began investigating alternative methods of treatment.  He began nutritional therapy ONLY and, at this point, refused all traditional forms of therapy.

Six months later, a PET/CT scan testing confirmed improvement in his disease, as he followed only his nutritional regimen.  The CT scan revealed universal reduction in all of the tumors — with advancing necrosis (the localized death of living cells) in the largest remaining tumor.

Since that time, FV has continued his nutrition regimen vigorously, and has done extremely well.  He has declined all invitations for follow up CT and PET/CT scanning, stating he wouldn’t change his treatment regardless of what the tests show.  So, while we don’t have clear evidence of additional tumor regression, his continued survival, now at three years since he began his nutritional regimen, and his excellent general health speak for themselves.

Source:  Dr.


Written by Tracey

September 1, 2008 at 7:35 am

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